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    Watching Top Gun and I’m still pinching myself that I met this legend!
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    Just looked through the online gallery. What an effort he put in for everyone.
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    I’m super excited because it is highly likely that I will be able to go to LFCC next year or the winter and spring events if I can as well because I talked to my parents about it the other day that I was gutted I hadn’t gone this year and that I really wanted to go again because it is the best con I’ve ever been to! Also I might be able to persuade them even more to go if this forum photoshoot is going to happen as well!
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    With you on this. Guests need to be announced for whichever dates they are available. I suspect there will be announcements for July LFCC before we have even had the winter event. Personally I don't mind who they announce* and for which event. If I like I buy. If not I will happily wait until the next announcements. *Peter Capaldi
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    I refuse to further advertise my own stupidity. Take it from me I am an idiot, there is no further need for me to prove it
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    He was great! A real pro! :)
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    AWESOME I wasn't expecting them to be up this quickly! Downloaded mine already. Came out really nicely, I love the digital versions more than the prints 'cause they look so much more detailed. Props, good job on getting so many photos uploaded, that's amazing work!
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    Me and my daughter were stood in his auto queue and we could see he was really chatty. We were panicking as we didn't know what to say so we had a little discussion while we waited. I was wanting to meet Jason for films such as Armageddon and The Patriot while my daughter wanted to meet him for HP. We decided that mentioning Dobby would break the ice and when it got to be our turn, the conversation went like this: Me: Hi Jason, great to meet you! We still can't believe how mean you were to Dobby! Jason: F*ck him! He deserved to die! The annoying little s***! And that was the ice breaker, it was all laughs from there, what a lovely bloke he was!
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    Why's everyone hung up on Winter? I'm genuinely asking if I'm missing something? Yes Winter is first and only has a couple of names so far, but it's still 3 months away so plenty of time to get people announced. If the guest who's being announced tomorrow can only do Spring, do people genuinely expect SM to tell them that they can't book them until after Winter, or book them and hold off on the announcement?
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    Six years in a row we went and this was the first year we had an issue like that normally we go early in the week on the trip but had to go over a weekend for this one. Meant everything was busier and heightened emotions think it may be something to do with the fact we where two woman in our own and not with a family however if you queue for two hours ur not gonna give up your spot no matter who it is. It’s because I’m rubbish at talking back I have terrible luck in that sense been told to speak up more i for peace lol
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    He was fantastic! Especially as the queuing was pretty crazy on the Saturday!
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    Usually, the photographer will take a shot of the guest by themselves at the start of a session to make sure the lighting is right, etc. I imagine it is on page 7 as Jenna May have had 2 shoots and the one from the start of the second shoot has accidentally been added to the store.
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    *Edit - Posted in wrong thread, sorry*. Bar one confusing incident I had an amazing time at LFCC. Definitely a great way to end a 14 year attendance on (I've attended LFCC for 14 years, general conventions for 29 years). All guests I met were amazing. The staff was great and I had a lovely time, thank you.
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    Hi all, Last year at the event some of us organised LGBTQ+ meet ups. They were awesome so they are back again this year! Nothing formal, just a time and place were you can come along and meet some new friends. We're having one on Thursday night before the event and then one at each of the parties. We also have free Pronoun stickers for anyone that wants them. We're mainly a facebook group but I've put all the info on this link here so you don't need a log in to see it. Any questions just give me a shout. Jamie @jamiebgall
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    Such a shame to hear your condition is preventing you from coming to the con for nowI hope you recover suitably soon enough to start attending and enjoying LFCC again. All my best wishes.
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    This happened in Disney a few years ago for me, me and my sister in law got to light show 2 hours early pitched a good seat but not right in front of the fireworks of to the side so not in the way of kids, about ten minutes before a couple with there’s kids banged into us and told us to move out the way because there children, when we said no they got pushy and keep pushing us when we didn’t move the dad got quite angry and verbally abused us and then hit me and my sister in law around the head, let’s just say after we weren’t moving and he got a kick in the shins
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    I had an amazing time at LFCC. Some incredible moments that vastly outweighed the bad stuff. Luckily, I only had bad issue at the convention. It was more of a confused disappointment than anything else. I had a diamond pass shoot on the Saturday morning. I was told when I got close to getting my photo taken 'no hugs'. This I thought fine, no problem and went in for a normal pose. I then noticed the guest tried to do a hug pose but pulled back last minute. Upset that it might end being an awkward horrible shot I nearly rushed out forgetting my photo. After the session I noticed that other people who had been near me in the shoot had gotten hug poses. I now felt like I had been specifically targeted especially as I remember the request for no hugs came from an event staff member who was very commanding and targeting me. I had made no indication of wanting a hug pose as I always ask the guest if I am thinking of requesting one so I was utterly confused and disappointed with the photo experience. I know the guest has no problem with hug poses before at other events so I was surprised. I have since established that another fan kissed the guest in their photo. This is a guest I know has a no kissing rule/policy. I think she did it without the guest's consent and because I look quite similar to her I think I was targeted. While the photo, thankfully, is great my experience was unpleasant. Quite possibly down to the behaviour of another fan. I'm not happy at this fan as not only I might have missed out on a hug pose shot especially as my chances of getting another are slim to nonexistent as I'm now very ill (LFCC 2019 is my last London event for a while due to developing heart valves issues) but also it is very disrespectful to the guest. It was upsetting experience but I don't blame the guest, the guest's PA or the event staff for reacting the way they had. I do feel for the guest as it must have been an uncomfortable experience for them. This is a PSA to fans, think about your behaviour with guests. What you do can have an impact on guests and other fans. Respect is absolute key. ***** The rest of the event for me and my friends was amazing and guests I met were amazing. Thank you SM.
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