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  1. Just looked through the online gallery. What an effort he put in for everyone.
  2. Hi QS. Is there any update on the poster from the talk. Thank you.
  3. Can anyone remember any snippets from this talk as I assume it wasn't filmed and posted anywhere.
  4. Thanks for that Wrong Name,a very enjoyable read. And I take my hat off to Val Kilmer. What a guy.
  5. Just curious to see if everyone shows their photos and autos to people back home. I have mixed feelings about this as sometimes they just don't get it and I wish I hadn't bothered
  6. Yes Steven Moffat was a trooper staying late for us!
  7. Nooooo...had my Full Metal Jacket poster all lined up..darn it...
  8. Was this your first year as a pit boss?Thought you were a "blue" last year (remember you at a big photoshoot as I recall) now a "red".
  9. I went to get Dave's Autograph on Saturday-I have to say what a lovely fella he was and more than happy to have a photo.
  10. Yes I agree re the BTTF talk..really annoying when you could hear Tom Wilson singing whilst still outside the stage area.Do not understand why they didn't load us in earlier.They put the Diamonds in about 15 mins before the rest of us.
  11. Me neither.I feel a bit dim From Wiki: Lightbox is a JavaScript library that displays images and videos by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the web page. Hope that helps a bit. With a link to an example of how it looks from Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightbox_(JavaScript)#/media/File:Lightbox_mockup.jpg Thank you for that Raylenth-yes it does help.
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