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  1. Hi, random request. Please can you help. I'm after a photo of Jason Isaacs from the Sunday of LFCC. Does anyone have one they are willing to let me nab? Preferably on his own or nearly like that. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  2. I do show my friends and family mainly because they are all similar fans. My brother attends conventions with me and my Mum used to attend. My friends are all convention attendees as well so we all share our stories and booty.
  3. Due to financial and health restrictions I decided to limit myself down to must have guests. If I had less limits I would have definitely gone for the Game Of Thrones guests and Martin Sheen.
  4. Thank you @Raylenth and @Queen_Sindel. While the photo experience was disappointing I'm over the moon that the rest of the convention went well. It sucks that there is entitled selfish people out there and the number seems to be growing. I wonder if it is down to the internet and people feeling the need to outdo each other. Unfortunately, it does ruin things for others and it must make for an awful experience for the guest. I definitely an advocate of putting out there signs respecting the guests ('Celebrity is not Consent' or something similarly titled). An uncomfortable/u
  5. First getting a digital download and got to say I'm very happy with mine. The error that was on my Tom Felton one is missing which is great. Plus, it has been cleaned up so it looks so much better. Definitely colour balance is better and it's much crisper. I ended up buying my other shots as well. Very impressed, thank you SM.
  6. I had an amazing time at LFCC. Some incredible moments that vastly outweighed the bad stuff. Luckily, I only had bad issue at the convention. It was more of a confused disappointment than anything else. I had a diamond pass shoot on the Saturday morning. I was told when I got close to getting my photo taken 'no hugs'. This I thought fine, no problem and went in for a normal pose. I then noticed the guest tried to do a hug pose but pulled back last minute. Upset that it might end being an awkward horrible shot I nearly rushed out forgetting my photo. After the session I no
  7. Thank you ever so much. I hope to attend again in the future.
  8. Thank you all for your feedback. Really appreciate it. Thankfully the digital version on the online gallery is fine so I'll email to request that as the printed copy is unsatisfactory.
  9. *Edit - Posted in wrong thread, sorry*. Bar one confusing incident I had an amazing time at LFCC. Definitely a great way to end a 14 year attendance on (I've attended LFCC for 14 years, general conventions for 29 years). All guests I met were amazing. The staff was great and I had a lovely time, thank you.
  10. I missed the Game of Thrones guests. My budget wasn't quite there so focused on Harry Potter guests this time. Hopefully get the Game of Thrones guests I missed in the future.
  11. I have been a fan of Jason's since Event Horizon and have tried to meet him before. Usually ending in failure and injury. I was so over the moon that he was a guest at DST that I booked the moment he was announced. Finally after a 21 year wait I met him and was absolutely amazing. Really lovely and made sure each person got a special moment with him. I have a heart condition which is getting worse so after 14 years of attending LFCC I decided that 2019 would be my last for a while. I was over the moon that Jason got announced. I splashed out and got the diamond pass and began to lo
  12. Thank you. I'm not 100% sure if it was on the original raw photo on the camera. Hopefully not so I can get another. Just can't believe I didn't check it there and then.
  13. Hi. I couldn't find a topic suitable so setting this up. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I had a shoot with Tom Felton on the Sunday of LFCC. Because of the crowds and the heat and rush to get my coach and I didn't check the photo properly until I got home. I then spotted a large darker coloured line running down the centre of the photograph. I might be able to fix it digitally but was wondering is there any way of fixing the original print or getting another print. Thank you. (The line looks more noticeable in person).
  14. I noticed that passes had different pictures for different days. I was wondering what pictures did you have on yours? Mine was the Sat Jason Isaacs and it was a picture of him as Captain Lorca from Discovery.
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