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  1. I would say it's torture, but I enjoy torture.
  2. Northampton Massachusetts, born and bred.
  3. I've read you all wrong.
  4. Me? Bitter? Probably. You are perfectly entitled to like it, I kind of liked it too - but if you ever find yourself in charge of an awards ceremony for the films of 2016 I would be delighted if you would look elsewhere for your animation category winner. Thank you in advance.
  5. Maybe it was a bit different with Christopher Lloyd, as, given his signing speed, just being in the queue may not have guaranteed he got round to you.
  6. I didn't know that. Now I'm disappointed too.
  7. No early entry with DPs. Some people buy many of them so would essentially be paying for the same benefit many times over. As for whether they're worth it, that's entirely a matter of opinion.
  8. You'll just get it strapped to your wrist when you're waiting in the queue to get in. No delay. Same entrance.
  9. You can pick it up whenever you like. If you're not in a rush it may well be sensible to wait for the DP queue to die down.
  10. Guests can be announced up to and including the days of the show itself.
  11. 4 days? I'd better get my annual smiling practice started.
  12. Not going to happen, sorry. It is a fixed set up with lighting and all that. They won't change that around. If you purchase the digital version following the show you could crop the pic however you like though.
  13. You had to ask yourself? Well, at least one of you knew.
  14. If you turn the brightness all the way up on your phone they should scan without problem.
  15. Can't you just punch them?