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  1. Just don't make the mistake I made and ask a crewmember to stamp on your hand.
  2. She sure does.
  3. Or get in touch with the author via the twitter - she may know already.
  4. Boooo, tl;dr.
  5. Right, prepare yourself for my train driver story, it's a rollercoaster of emotions featuring drama, physical exertion, peril and both kindness and a lack of it. About 5 or so years ago I went to a wrestling show in Sudbury, Suffolk. It ran late, and despite my best efforts at actual running I arrived at their one track, end-of-the-line railway station just in time to see the last train of the night start to move. I saw the driver looking at me through the back window of the train - a position from where he must have been able to see my vain attempt to make it on time. He shrugged at me. Shrugged I tells ya. So there was me, poor little nate, stranded. In Suffolk. It was dark, getting cold, and there were probably street gangs hiding around the Waitrose car park. Before the trip I had considered staying the night in a hotel, so I made my way towards said establishment. I spoke to someone through an intercom, but no room or other assistance was forthcoming. I wandered back towards the town centre, when I spotted a public house which promised rooms available! I entered the establishment, which was near empty and clearly ready for closing time. I enquired about their rooms, but alas, much like for the baby Jesus's Mum and Stepdad there was no room at the inn. However (and this is where the kindness kicks in) the sturdy landlady offered to ring a nearby hotel of which she knew, who thankfully happened to have a room available. My night surviving on the mean streets of Sudbury had been averted. Following rudimentary directions I made my way through the streets until I reached my abode for the night, a delightful place by the name of the Mill Hotel ( - Call 01787 375544 for our best rate guaranteed). Due to diabolical Sunday train schedules I decided to stay a second night and called in sick on the Monday: I spent a quite lovely Sunday in Sudbury, a delightful place featuring the house of Thomas Gainsborough. He did paintings and stuff. Kindness addendum: Returning home after my ordeal, I posted on the Twitter about how the show overrunning had led to my problems, to which the promoter of the show got in touch, apologised and offered to send me a free DVD of the show. Also, due to his ties with the local council, he got the train timetable amended so the last train left later.
  6. Poor Josh was clearly struggling with the numerical oddity to the point of physical manifestation, I was simply wishing for an end to his struggles, like what a friendly person would. I'm so friendly I'm not even gonna point out your spelling mistake.
  7. Hopefully one will cancel and you'll feel better.
  8. I believe they give out different quality prints based how awesome you are, hence Wrongo's being of less quality than RayRay's. Mine came on toilet paper.
  9. That pretty much sums it up. I believe it was Gandhi who said "Cruel to be kind, innit?"
  10. It's alright RayRay, no need to be upset. We can work on this together, and improve you as a person. There's a very simple method, used by thousands across the world: if in doubt - WWND?
  11. I'll allow it. It's RayRay and Blemmo who need to step up their friendliness game. They're soooo mean.
  12. You mean Glamazing. Well it sort of works
  13. Hmm, pretty sure I'm the friendliest guy on the forum 100% of the time. Nothing but joy and bubbles coming from me. It's the rest of you that want to have a word with yourselves.
  14. Woah, keep your mind away from my down belows. I've already had a 'down below' related post deleted today, I wouldn't want you to get into trouble.
  15. Maybe I shouldn't complain about excess hair, given Blemmo's apparent lack of it. Up top. In the cranial region. Wouldn't want to upset.