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Latest Guest Announcement - IVY WONG

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Latest Guest Announcement: Ivy Wong

Attending: Sunday

Autograph Price: £10

Ivy is 5 years old. She portrayed "Pendra Siliu" in movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when she was just 3 years old. She was the youngest cast member in Rogue One. She was the little girl saved by Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) on Jedha.



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10 minutes ago, StevenHall said:

Guessing there's no photo Shoot option because she's too young?

Nope, thats wrong, She attended London Film Fair in Feb and had quite a few people for photos.... she did better than others.  Its always a hit and miss if Star Wars guests do photos. My suggestion is if you want photos Request it on her page... if many people are requesting it then SM might squeeze her in. Good Luck. ;)

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2 minutes ago, josh-hammond said:

fair play for getting her, but does anyone else think it would be a bit awkward going to a child for an autograph?


maybe its just weird in my head

I've met Ivy, and yeah, it was a bit different from meeting older guests but she and her Dad were lovely.

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Post cleaned up. I can't believe some of the statements posted here. Also, why on earth do people even post this when they even add that things will be deleted? I've removed the whole posting string, most of the posts were okay. But the post that started this off was incredibly disrespectful to anyone involved.

Ivy has done a small event, not too long ago, with her dad at her side. If there had been any indication of her hating it her dad would never have agreed to bring her back, and if anyone of the SM crew had noticed anything SM would never bring her back either. 

Each and every guest has their schedule tailored to them. No matter a 5 year old who of course won't be signing as long as adults or an adult with an illness like Michael J. Fox. 

Many of the crew have children too, and you can bet not only her parents will be in "momma bear mode" (I am so stealing that in the future Broo) all the time she is at the show.


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