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  1. Just bought a photoshoot, I'm just gonna have to chance his autograph, but it will me my primary focus that day (since I've already got Christopher Eccleston's diamond pass). I just can't willingly by another diamond pass, otherwise I deplete funds for both London and personal funds at home. I'll just have to get in super early so I can be near enough the front of the queue that morning to get a very early VQ number
  2. Hopefully it will be alright. I can see myself getting away with the toy sonic screwdrivers. It's the more custom made sonic screwdriver (and one that I don't want to have to go without) that worrries me slightly. It's a bit bigger then the other sonics and made out of aluminium and with some side wood panels (to Whovians, its the dark eyes sonic screwdriver from Big Finish). I'd assume it would still be okay, because it still just buzzes like the other toy ones.
  3. Unless your say...a UNIT officer, or Captain Jack Harkness...or even River Song (if you do a specific variant)
  4. So recently came across this: https://olympia.london/whatson/london-film-and-comic-con What does this mean? Also I'm pretty much just cosplaying as multiple Doctors so I'll only be bringing sonic screwdrivers, and one of my doctors has a messenger bag as apart of the costume so........I'm concerned if I'm being honest cause one of my sonics is made of aluminium and wood, and is quite big in comparison to the other toy ones....
  5. Does anyone know if he may have a panel on the day of the con?
  6. spam, working till 9pm and won't be able to see who it is until I get off. Damn my work and their strict phone privileges Me at 7pm: "I need da tiolet"
  7. Tbh I'm starting to wonder if it is Christopher. I mean it's suspicious that he decided to come out now with all that Doctor Who stuff recently on why he left and how he felt about the whole situation. I mean, he let EVERYTHING out, and suspicously around the same time, they announce a massive guest who's never been to cons before, would complete a collection and was a lead. Makes me wonder if Chris wants to be involved in the fandom like the rest of the Doctors, and perhaps let all this stuff out to put it behind him. I think he's about to do something Doctor Who related and he's getting this all out there now so there's no ill secrets between him or whoever he's working with to get himself back into the fandom
  8. Amazing how gitty people get about a 5 year old. But as long as she enjoys it, and as was said, her dad will be there with her, age doesn't matter as long as the person is enjoy themselves and there is someone responsible looking after her
  9. Of course I'm going to try and guess a Doctor Who one. So I've given it though and the only one that comes to mind, is probably Christopher Eccleston. As for non-who fans, then I'm gonna go with the one guess with everyone else, and say Harrison Ford (if it is, my bank's ***** XD)
  10. Peter Capaldi (first time), David Bradley, Pearl Mackie, Bonnie Langford (first time), Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker. Here's me hoping more Who stars get announced. May look into another non-who autograph from someone if they interest me enough
  11. Is there a way to upgrade my photoshoot and talk with peter capaldi to a diamond pass?
  12. Well I might considering upgrading to the diamond (if you can provide a link to how I do that, that would be great), but just out of curiousity, are the numbers on the VQ tickets random or do they give out each number in order as they are bought? I plan to be there VERY early on the saturday (I'm also attending the friday so I should be able to scout where Peter will be sitting so I can speed)
  13. I'm still wary of how that works though, but it sounds to me like it's something similar to how you line up to board a flight in a gate, they call a certain group of numbers and you get in line for it.
  14. Hi there. It's my first year at LFCC. And now that Peter Capaldi is going, he is to be my priority on the saturday to get in line to meet him and get his autograph. I thought about the diamond pass but it was too much money and I'm trying to save so I opted to buy the photoshoot and talk tickets seperately (they really should sell autograph tickets online), so I was just wondering, how are the queues normally at LFCC, especially for guests like Peter Capaldi? It's more then likely the first thing I'm going to do once I get to the con (plan to be there as early as I can)
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