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  1. Guest Suggestions

    To add to my previous post.......Jodie Whittaker
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Here's a good one to perhaps get....Jodie Whittaker! Come on get the 13th Doctor at a con! How amazing it would be to be able to meet Jodie Whittaker before her series begins! No doubt she will be a fantastic doctor like all her predeccesors!
  3. So was thinking of a few prop suggestions for Glasgow. First off, please bring that TV Movie McGann TARDIS Console up again, I LOVE that prop, got a picture for the first time with it at Newcastle, but I really want one with my 8th Doctor so PLEASE bring it! Second, was thinking how about we get an actual TARDIS (the police box exterior) and get like a green screen backdrop, that way we can add anything like a galaxy, time vortex, black hole and stuff and the guests just stand in the doorway. That would be AMAZING! Lastly, and its more Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts related, how about we get something like Newt Schamanders suitcase on a table, and have like people hide under it and people can poke their head through it like they are coming out of the suitcase. That would be pretty cool! Even have a green screen backdrop to have like the creatures and stuff appear in the background.
  4. Would be nice to know WHICH tardis it is....hoping it's that lovely TV movie one, always wanted to get a pic of that, just wish I had my 8th Doctor costume ready in time for it
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Paul McGann Robert Englund (kind of likely I believe as he always appears at the showmasters events) Paul McGann Any Stargate Actor or Farscape actor will do nicely Paul McGann What about some more Big Finish Doctor Who stars like India Fisher and Sheridan Smith? Even more new series companions, after all Pearl Mackie is going to be at Newcastle, why not have her or Jenna Coleman come up? Tom Baker David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi Also I think Paul McGann would be a good choice too.
  6. Event Security Update

    They have emailed the online ticker holders (it's how I found out at first) Regarding the arena, they did say I was allowed a messenger bag as long as it was within the measurements of 35cm x 40cm x 19cm (approx A3 size piece of paper) and that it was to be searched and worn on the side at all times. Will be making sure I snapshot those messages when going in just encase they try to stop me. I still find this inconvienent for a lot of people, I mean, I'm travelling down from Glasgow early in the morning for this event and going back in the evening after the show (worth it for Pearl Mackie) so it's kind of crap that they didn't notify anyone of this a little while before as I feel it is a bit short notice.