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Guest Suggestion thread

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There you go. Save posting them in the other thread.

Eliza Dushku

Jim Dale and Barbara Windsor

I have so many happy memories of meeting Buffy & Angel guests in MK. Please get some more especially:


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Seth Green

Kristy Wu

Michelle Trachtenberg

Alyson Hannigan

David Boreanaz

Gina Torres

Daniel Dae Kim

Elizabeth Anne Allen

Bailey Chase

Harris Yulin


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Star Wars Guests

Star Trek Guests

Game of Thrones Guests

Harry Potter Guests

Dr Who Guests

Space 1999 Guests

X -Files Guests

StarGate Guests

James Bond Guests

Boxing Guests

Footballers Guests (Arsenal or England) Please.

Lord of the Rings / Hobbit Guests

Horror Guests

Alien movie Guests

CSI Guests

Walking dead guests

Gotham Guests


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Sports suggestions:

Michael Jordan

Michael Buffer

Bret Hart

David Beckham

Venus & Serena Williams

Andy Murray

Novak Djokovich

Martin Bayfield

Jim Troughton

Steve Hendry

Ozzie Smith

Steve Sax

Sven Goran Ericsson

Frank Lampard

Wayne Rooney

Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

Tony Hawk

Tom Daley

Roger Federer

Magic Johnson

Wade Boggs

Jose Canseco

Gerry Cooney

Tom Kite

Roy Firestone

Joe Namath

Troy Aikman

Rosey Grier

John Madden

Dan Marino

Mark McGwire

Andre Agassi

Pete Sampras

Oscar de la Hoya

Tom Brady



Jean Marsh

Jackie Lane

Daphne Ashbrook

Yee Jee Tso

Gordon Tipple

Mark Strickson

Maureen O'Brien

Rowan Atkinson

Lily Atkinson

Lindsay Lohan

Waris Hussein

Sean Pertwee

Robin Parkinson

Matt Smith

Sandra Dickinson

Peter Davison

Matthew Corbett

Heathcote Williams

Bernadette Peters

Vin Diesel

Sylvester Stallone

Sandra Bullock

Maggie Smith

Sunetra Sarker

Michael Thompson

Charles Dale

Amanda Henderson

Alistair Bremmer

Mickey Maga

David Frankham

Mackenzie Crook

Nina Dobrev

Ian Somerhalder

Paul Wesley

Candice King


Just to be random

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Katherine McNamara

Dominic Sherwood

Alberto Rosende

Matthew Daddario

Emeraude Toubia

Isaiah Mustafa

Harry Shum Jr.

Alan Van Sprang

Maxim Roy

Jon Cor

David Castro

Joel Labelle

Paulino Nunes

Stephanie Bennett

Nicola Correia-Damude

Jade Hassouné

Jack Fulton

Mimi Kuzyk

Adam Kenneth Wilson

a dream guest who doesn't seem (as far as I know) to do cons, would be Johnathan Rhys Meyers from the City of Bones movie

Christopher Khyman Lee,

Justin Nimmo,

Harry Shum Jr,

Jon Cor,

Domonic Sherwood,

Matthew Daddario

Jason Carter

Patrick Stewart

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how about some rocky guests like Talia shire Burt young or Mr t,and some from sons of anarchy,katey sagal,kim coats Tommy Flanagan and Ron perlman also some Harry Potter cast like Julie Walters,jason Isaac's david thesis or Robbie coltraine

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Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld, True Blood, The Wrestler, Mildred Pierce & Thirteen)

Jack Plotnick (Reno 911, Drawn Together, Buffy, The Mentalist, Joan of Arcadia & Ellen)

Robin Tunney (Prison Break, The Mentalist, The Craft & End of Days)

Larry Bagby (Hocus Pocus, Young & Restless & Buffy)

Lindy Booth (Kick Ass 2, Dawn of the Dead, 4400, The Librarians & Cry Wolf)

Rachel Bilson (Hart of Dixie, The O.C., Chuck, Jumper & How I Met Your Mother)


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