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Latest Guest Announcement - CHARLES DANCE

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Latest Guest Announcement - Charles Dance


Attending: Saturday


Autograph Price: £20


Phototshoot Price: £20








Game of Thrones (TV series) - Tywin Lannister (12 episodes, 2011-2013)

Merlin (TV series) - Aredian (1 episode, 2009)

Trinity (TV series) - Dr. Edmund Maltravers (8 episodes, 2009)

Bleak House (TV mini-series) - Mr. Tulkinghorn (12 episodes, 2005)

Goldeneye (TV movie) - Ian Fleming

The Jewel in the Crown (TV mini-series) - Guy Perron (5 episodes, 1984)

Underworld: Awakening - Thomas

The Contractor (video) - DCS Andrew Windsor

Gosford Park - Lord Raymond Stockbridge

Labyrinth - Charles Lushington

Michael Collins - Soames

Last Action Hero - Benedict

Alien³ - Clemens

The Golden Child - Sardo Numspa

For Your Eyes Only - Claus



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Also to be in the new Ghostbusters so that will be cool hopefully shooting will not affect his schedule for London

Ghostbusters comes out in July next year and they have already finished principal photography, unless he's needed for pickups on that particular weekend, which is not hugely likely, then I think it'll be ok. That's not to say that other work won't get in the way but I'm hoping not as I'd love to meet him.
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