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  1. I wonder how many other Norweigens got small parts in the Hoth battle.
  2. Back to doing Sundays again lol Really glad I met Garrick last year in February on Saturday Such a legend and really nice bloke, do not pass up meeting him
  3. Shame but at least Chibbs makes up for it. Hopefully future Cons will bring other Shield/SOA guests into the mix.
  4. Oh now that's very cool. Shame it's from "The Big Band Theory" though, not familiar with that show lol
  5. Heard really good things about William Regal when people have met him so he is definitely on my list. Maybe even shake his hand for putting Goldberg in his place lol I highly recommend you listen to his shoot on that match on Youtube and watch the match itself, makes for interesting viewing.
  6. I instantly think of his time in the CBB house a few years back with previous guest and Welsh Rugby star Gareth Thomas. Gareth said he'd spent time out at one of Michaels' houses as a guest around about then, great to know they were on good terms when they left the house
  7. I agree. I think it gets overlooked due to the fact she was a child when she starred in it. Also might I add her penchant for screaming makes me think of one of her other popular roles, that being from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  8. We all lament Ron cancelling, especially for a second year running but at least we know he is still as popular as ever he'll be welcomed back whenever he can finally make the journey :)
  9. Fingers crossed for someone from recent cinema releases. Transformers or Wonder Woman guests would be much appreciated (Ewen Bremner, anyone?)
  10. Met John-Paul twice in the past at previous LFCCs. Great bloke and always up for chat about his work.
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