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  1. Taking into account he will have performances up until that date, to be able to come to the signing event would be extremely hard and unlikely.
  2. Just started my own online and specialist fayre business. That takes up so much time.
  3. I.W.I.W.I.W.W.D.Y.G.T.P.O.T.P.I.A.A.S.I.A.D.N.C.H.M.T.C.Y.G.T.W.W.W.W.W.
  4. M.M.M.M.M.M.M.M.M.F.M.M.M.M.P.S.T.H.U.A.Y.A.B.M.N.Y.C.
  5. Except me. I was super shocked when I found out what it meant. The youth of today have changed since I was a lad
  6. A tad adult for a family forum one might say My bad! Edited to what chill means for me these days It was only recent I found out what it meant and was like "What?". Times are a changing and so different from when "I were a lad" several decades ago!!
  7. A "talk" has been, in my experience, a general discussion about the person's body of work, questions and answers and a little bit of fun. A "lecture" has been, again in my experience, where someone speaks about their profession etc. These are more common with the Astronauts at Autographica and some other evenings I have been to that have been by members of the forces both retired and active.
  8. A tad adult for a family forum one might say
  9. Have you ventured onto the website as they have the guest list up I have been told.
  10. If you book him now he may be available in about 5 years. He commented recently that his filming diary is booked solid for the most of the rest of the decade
  11. I know quite a few people who are into re-enactment. One makes the chain mail from scratch
  12. Starts humming the song "All by myself!!!"
  13. I was thinking your were thinking my name is Christopher as in Christopher Biggins lol Get you now. Yarp!
  14. Are there seriously people in line at 5-6 am? How early are you supposed to be there to get a VQ ticket? I have been to events where I have got there at 6am and some people were saying they had been there a few hours already. It all comes down to the guest list and the time available for the person attending the event
  15. It would be immensely complex to manage and keep everyone happy. The lesser of two evils is the current system.
  16. In a touch of irony, the memorial home currently hosting Ali's body has been invaded (well, the outside in one area) by a swarm of bees. All they need is a few hundred butterflies!
  17. Very unlikely as Beth has just given birth to a little girl - announced on June 4th 2016
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