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  1. Do Showmasters tends to do authors too? I'd love to have the opportunity to meet Alex White. He's been doing some truly amazing sci-fi novels lately.
  2. Also interested in more details about the shoot. I see Roy Scammell is also coming. Perhaps he's in there?
  3. Given the price, wouldn't it be reasonable to expect another guest? Seems a little high for the 2 of them or is that not unusual?
  4. Do we have details on the Alien photoshoot yet? Is it Cartwright, Skerritt and Perlman or are we expecting more Alien guests?
  5. Seconded. And more Alien 3 guests like you had at Bournemouth please! I know one is coming but please get more!
  6. How about some Stargate guests? Especially Rachel Luttrell and David Hewitt!!
  7. It's unfortunate but completely understandable. Will we be getting another other Atlantis cast member to replace her?
  8. Glad to see them aboard! I love meeting and listening to the Fandy girls!
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