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Kenny Baker update for this and future events "important"

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Hi Everyone


As some of you know our dear friend Kenny Baker will be attending Film and Comic Con Manchester.


After a long talk with his family we have all come to the decision that its going to be best for Kenny to only appear on one day and that day is going to be the Saturday.


Kenny is 80 years old and dose find the days long so we are only planning to have him at the event for around 4 hours or so.


I know some of you may feel that this is a lot to ask of Kenny but Kenny wanted you to know this is what he really wants, he looks forward to seeing you all at each event and loves to get out of his home and of late he has not been able to do that much.


Kenny wanted you the fans to know he is not planning to do many event over the next year and the events he dose do he will be there only for the one day , apart from Film and Comic Con Manchester Kenny's only other events he is planning to attend this year are the following.


Film and Comic Con Manchester

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May 2015 - EventCity, Manchester


London Film and Comic Con 2015

Olympia, Fri 17th to Sun 19th July 2015

Autographica 22

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th September 2015 - Radisson Hotel, Heathrow

One other point that you all should know Kenny will only be at these events for a shortened day so the time that he will be autographing will be limited and as such he is not going to sign for dealers only fans.


This means Kenny he will only sign up to 5 items per person and no more this makes if fair for the real fans out there that still need his autograph in the limited time he will be at the show signing.


Kenny's autograph price will be £25 per autograph this is so real fans line up to buy them and not dealers looking to buy autographs to put away and invest.


I have been a personal friend of Kenny's for over 26 years and look upon him as a member of my family, both Drew who looks after Kenny day to day and myself have talked this over and worked out what is best for Kenny and still achieve what he wants out of life, this is what we have come up with so i hope you can all see why this is a fair workable way forward for Kenny.


We felt is was important to explain why things are changing a little and also give everyone a heads up so that if you did want to meet Kenny then there are now only going to only be a few chances a year to do it so do not miss out.


We all look forward to seeing Kenny on Saturday.


See some of you there also :-)



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This news was about come, the man as live longer than most thought Dwarven people would! he will be greatly missed when he joins the cast in the sky. :(


We at The Dark Alliance will try present him with an Honorary Membership whilst he is there, we would like show we acknowledge everything he as done for the Star Wars universe and the fans.

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Is Kenny coming to Sheffield? He's still showing as down for it.


Sadly I can't make Manchester on the saturday only the sunday. Was going to specially come on saturday of sheffield for Kenny when normally I can only do sundays.


I've just checked and he doesn't seem to be listed for Autographica at all.

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Totally understand and no problem with what's been agreed between Kenny and showmasters. As soon as I get in the convention at 11am I will go straight to him and get in the queue for kenny to sign my starwars bluray boxset. If I can't get it signed cause he's very busy, not a problem as wasn't expecting to meet him because of his health

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Fair play to him for making the effort at his age. That said though dealers will now just pay the £25 and get their stuff signed in 5s instead. Don't want to be cynical but I'm sure Prowse & Bulloch will creep up too...

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Sad to to hear the news about kenny but I do understand and kenny has attended many events. I have 3 questions i would like to ask : 1- is kenny still attending sheffield ?, 2- the price still says £15, is the price staying the same or going up this years events ?, 3- which day is kenny attending for london ? because photoshoots are still available for Saturday and Sunday

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This announcement is something I've long been expecting and it just goes to show what kind of a terrific guy Kenny is that he still wants to meet his Fans he truly is a wonderful person and its been a real pleasure to have met him several times over the last few years and its no lie when I say that some of my most appreciative Autographs are from Kenny himself.


On the point that he will be signing for Fans only and not dealers is also a very good decision (because many times real Fans miss out at the hands of some dealers who couldn't care less who they're meeting as opposed to Fans who have been admirers/long term Fans of a Great Artists work)


IF any member of Kennys family is seeing this or indeed reading this? Please do pass on my very best wishes to Kenny - all my love, King Richard :) X

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Kenny is a great to meet and I think this change to his appearences is totally understandable. I'm grateful that Kenny is still able to come to these events even in a limited capacity.


I really like the idea as well that Kenny is only wanting to meet true fans and not dealers as well. I think this is a nice touch.


I wish Kenny and his family nothing but the best.

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