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  1. Alan is 81 years old and a great guy to chat with I wouldn't delay getting him. He is in all 3 of the original Star Wars films and also had some great roles in some Bond films.
  2. he signed my a new hope poster over a picture of an x-wing and put Victor Gallucci -x wing pilot so I hope he was
  3. I thought Grant was just in Return of the Jedi as a Stormtrooper?
  4. He was listed as a stormtrooper in a New Hope in previous years events and was in the stormtrooper reunion shoot at Collectormania a few years ago. is this not the case now? Or just been missed from the listing?
  5. Has anyone met Danny Glover before? Is he up for a laugh? I always like to do something a bit silly in photoshoots like bring a sign with the actors catchphrase or a quote on and so far nobody has ever said no but they are usually people I have met before.
  6. Phew sorry for anyone else but he wasn’t someone who I was getting think I would of cried to lose Charles Dance and another one of mine at once
  7. Ray is an amazing guest who I was lucky enough to meet at Newcastle a few years ago and his talks are really engaging as well( if he does one) and I suspect he will have a massive surge in popularity shortly
  8. Getting Susan Backlinie is just amazing so ANY other Jaws guests would be out of this world.Richard Dreyfuss? Jeffrey Kramer who played deputy Hendrix, Jay Mello who played the chiefs son and what about Jeffrey Voorhees who played the victim Alex Kintner oh and maybe Steven Spielberg as well!!!
  9. I think it’s Sir Ian Mckellen he’s doing King Lear in London in July and has the Sunday off when it’s LFCC so could only be a Sunday only guest which will make his queue even crazier
  10. People keep saying a lot of names that are really just supporting actors one of the big clues is that they are a lead so it has to be someone that was probably the main star in a big movie franchise. I do believe Sir Sean it too ill but would love to be wrong if not would settle for his boy Henry Jones jnr
  11. Frazer is a great guy to chat to I met him at LFCC in 2016 and he gave me a little Jawa drawing which I keep in my Oyster card wallet. I also met his brother this year and he is the son of legendary stuntman Peter Diamond who worked on all the original Star Wars films and famously played the Tusken Raider that attacked Luke just before he meets Obi Wan.
  12. If I send my poster special delivery tomorrow will it make it in time for this signing? Only just spotted this
  13. Gillian Anderson David Duchovny Sean Bean Mr T Kurt Russell Heather Graham i know it's a wish list but it's a nice wish
  14. I had a great LFCC this year as for the first time I was able to do the Friday and got Autos and pics with the guests I wanted. For the most part Saturday went like clockwork I had pics with Biff and Delorean and John Rhys Davies in the morning and managed to bag a spot at the last minute Superman duo shoot. Then after dinner it just seemed to get busier and everything started running late. I like the idea of having the photo shoots in one area but maybe some barriers needed to separate those areas and maybe having one entrance which you show your batch ticket to a red shirt and they could maybe divert people who are like batch 11 for shoot after next. I know a lot of people were just chilling out in this bit but I'm sure there would still be room for this
  15. It was unfortunate that people missed this shoot but I saw the announcement on here and on twitter so I was straight there and I'm very pleased with my photo I was the one with the kneel before Zod sign for anyone else in the queue. People are saying they didn't know about it but if they didn't know the original shoot was cancelled they would of turned up as this was in the same place at the same time and would of had time to get the cash from a cash machine etc as the guy next to me did just that. I suppose Showmasters could of made a venue announcement at the same time as the post on here as they did about the John Cleese photoshoot which you could here everywhere.
  16. It would be nice if they did a Indiana Jones double photoshoot with him and Julian Glover on the Saturday.
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