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  1. Queues at the guest desks for autographs…cash / card or both?
  2. Question for anyone who went today and had a photoshoot with David, was there a screen between you and him? What colour was the background? I’m trying to sort out what to wear tomorrow!
  3. Am i reading right that we don't know what the final cost will be? The text says that we are 'currently at £105, with two more names to be added at LFCC, and more in future. When would the final cost be confirmed?
  4. Jessica Henwick - To Nick, Stay Loyal to Dorne! - Nym Sand - Keisha Castle-Hughes - To Nick, Unbowed! Unbent! Unbroken! - Obara Sand
  5. I need to say thank you to Phil, who was looking after photo area C today. I had a shoot with Hayley Atwell this morning, and in all the time i was there, he was under an incredible amount of pressure with people poking, prodding, and shouting at him to get his attention and ask him questions, but he handled it all like an absolute professional, while making sure that the queue flowed and that everyone who was there got through! Thanks Phil!
  6. I've never met a comic guest before, what's the procedure for getting a cover signed / drawn?
  7. I met Kenny at LFCC last year and it truly brought tears to my eyes, such a lovely guy, whose appearanced in so many films that i loved as a child. I look forward to meeting him again at London this year
  8. It was always said that Photoshoots and talk tickets would be available, but only diamond pass holders would get an autograph. No-one lied, you seem to have misread the first post
  9. Summer was absolutely amazing! I had a photoshoot first thing (cancelled one from last night) and managed to get an autograph later in the afternoon, both times, she was fantastic. Such a pleasure to meet her!
  10. The wording of the second question in the OP is very questionable!
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