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    our day

    All in all a top day, all guests were amazing, nice variety of merch and have to give a big shout out to John Wagner, my boy is just getting into comics and John happily took time to talk to him ( all the comic guests were friendly and approachable but John just seemed to have that relaxing aura). The food did look over priced but I got a hand stamp and went out for lunch then came back...and would wholly recommend that others follow suit, I mean Brighton has a wealth of eating establishments...and popping out for fresh air helps IMO
  2. The weather has held out and The queue is rapidly increasing...just wish I'd grabbed breakfast before I came in
  3. There usually is at every convention so i doubt this one will be any different. Most convention halls have them but I'd get there early just in case they run out of space
  4. Looking to get there for 8ish...and hoping the rain holds off til I'm inside at least
  5. Could this mean a visit by stone cold?
  6. Being from South London the Olympia was more convenient...however who doesn't like a cheeky trip down the coast? Grab some doughnuts on the pier! Count me in :)
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    Thank you QS
  8. MrJayC


    Does anyone have a link for the pre order page as I cannot find it? And want to send something in for Robert Englund to sign
  9. Jake Lloyd Peter Mayhew Anthony Daniels Frank Oz Sarah Michelle geller Charisma carpenter David Boreanz Cast of twilight (just so I don't get nagged for going)
  10. MrJayC

    Dave Prowse/Kenny Baker

    An absolute privilege to meet kenny and Dave again..both of them are absolute legends
  11. MrJayC

    Michael carter

    Thank you, I found the room and he's on lunch...
  12. Does anyone know where he is? The crew don't have a clue if he's 1st or 3rd floor....I've checked both and he's neither
  13. Farcical!!! He was the reason I came today
  14. MrJayC

    Anyone going alone?

    I went to lfcc winter on my own...got chatting in the queue to everyone around me, so it was all good!