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  1. Any more being added to the store for tomorrow?
  2. He's becoming a regular now, hardly worth any hype. But still a great guest for those who haven't met him.
  3. Really want to meet Robert Patrick and Earl Boen.
  4. Hoping for more Aliens guests this year!
  5. I'd say Alexander Siddig. I couldn't find his signing area and when I did it was too late.
  6. Sigourney was so lovely. So happy to have an Alien and Aliens poster signed. Wasn't planning on getting a personalisation but once I got to her I thought who better to add a personalisation than Ripley which she was happy to do despite the sign saying there were to be none.
  7. So is he in the force awakens? I assumed he was too old or physically unable to get into r2d2 anymore
  8. Totally agree, can't imagine Kenny doing many more cons
  9. Such a legend. Made me laugh in my shoot. So glad I met him!
  10. I agree. No event will be perfect but SM always get the top quality guests!
  11. Never had one myself. I arrived at around 7.30 on Saturday and got everything I wanted done. Auto from Bill Paxton Chris Lloyd, Carrie Henn and everyone from GoT. Also got a MJF shoot, Paxton shoot, Sigorney Weaver shoot, Richard Dean Anderson. So I have never felt the need to buy one. Also I arrived at 8.00 on Sunday and got all 8 autos I wanted. All I can say is I always get everything done. It's just planning and punctuality
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