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  1. Who are you meeting :)

    In Sheffield last week she only had 3 of 4 Aliens shots.
  2. Aliens Photo Ops on sale now

    A very big shame Sheffield customers didn't get this
  3. I got early entry and was in the arena by about 9:45. Wanted autos off the 3 Aliens cast and the Game of Thrones dude, got it all sorted in less than an hour and it was only that long because Colette Hillier was taking her time lol Stuck around for the Aliens panel (which was pretty good to be fair) and left straight after.
  4. The Aliens cast shoots being so late in the day is very disappointing, as is the lack of a shoot with all 3.
  5. Would have preferred that shot against the standard shoot background without the bike to be fair.
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - DEAN CAIN

    Didn't meet the guy but observed him when I was queuing nearby. The blokes epically fan friendly, looked like he was having a whale of a time.
  7. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Saw several folks wearing them today.
  8. Super Staff

    Ben running the studio B queues was awesome. Special mention to Nanas GA I think her name is Rikke who was a delight.
  9. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Thought so, thanks for the reply.
  10. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Am I right in assuming the Saturday Carpenter & Benz AM shoots are for early batch numbers?
  11. It's hip to be square... Huey Lewis.
  12. Carrie Fisher - Rest In Peace

    Part of my childhood just died, gutted. RIP x
  13. Ron Glass RIP

    Met him in Milton Keynes back in the day, really nice bloke. Sad news.
  14. Photo Thread

    The mods don't have any Information on this, sorry. Any info at all yet please? Thanks
  15. Photo Thread