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  1. A007

    Thanks For The Day...

    I was in and out within an hour with a general admission ticket, would have been even quicker but I had a quick look around the dealer tables. Pleased to see that Caroline Munro had the longest “queue”.
  2. A007

    Digital Photos

    I think a Sherlock event has been uploaded since GDPR. It’s just a case of us being very patient as SM are very busy.
  3. A007

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    You did well, there are some shockers on Facebook & twitter.
  4. A007

    Digital Photos

    The library has event shoots going back to 2006 I think Leslie was 2010... but I could be wrong.
  5. A007

    Digital Photos

    I think texaspete666 is perhaps more worried about them never being uploaded, like the Leslie Nielsen Autographica event several years ago for example. Those shots never found their way to the library sadly.
  6. A007

    Digital Photos

    According to showmasters on Twitter: Should be with in the next week
  7. I would book this in a heartbeat, but the dodgy photo quality at C25 is really putting me off.
  8. A007

    Digital Photos

    Any Eta please?
  9. A007

    Digital Photos

    A few weeks now, any eta please?
  10. A007

    Digital Photos

  11. A007

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE RYAN

    Thought she was sweet. Sadly saw her GA being very rude to the customer in front of me in the queue on the Saturday, it nearly put me off meeting Michelle. SM should pull her off dealing with the public and put her on the coffee run instead.
  12. A007

    Photo quality saturday

    Studio A is the only decent quality, theres complaints all over facebook about studios B & C.
  13. A007

    Latest Guest Announcement - VALERIE LEON

    Joint “Spy who loved me” shoot with Munro please :)
  14. A007

    Who are you meeting :)

    In Sheffield last week she only had 3 of 4 Aliens shots.