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  1. I also have Tachycardia. I look normal but have to balance things in order not to get very ill later. I also have huge issues in crowds. When I do a lot of walking I have to take a stick with me to help. I’ve been going to cons for 15 years I’ve waited hours for things. Last 2 years i started to get ill so I’ve requested access help at various cons. I can’t tell how much I sometimes wish I could still wait in those long queues. How I wish I felt as normal as I sometimes look.
  2. I understand that they have to get back to they jobs. But there was really rude showmasters staff pushing in front for photo shoots. They was a total of 4 who pushed in at the Ben Barnes shoot not even saying excuse me. Just I need to get back to work. I had a extra help band and walk with a stick but they still thought it was ok to push in front of me. There was a good few of us quite in shock with how they were. It was quite clean many of us were having trouble standing. Maybe this goes in line with the fact many of the blue shirts had no idea what extra help bands were. Every time I needed help I had to find a red shirt staff member. (Pit boss) Maybe they need a bit of education on some matters.
  3. First event in 15 years I've been to and not got a auto I want. I know people will say I'm lucky and I do feel lucky. But to be this lucky I put the work in I get to all venues early. I love autos more than photos and feel diamonds are now being over sold. This means with the amount of photos that need taking it leaves very limited time for autos. In previous event having a vq of under 100 would mean you get the auto by about 11 at the latest if they started at 9. But big guests rarely start that early now because they often go straight to their am photo shoot. So sad to see these events change so much that it puts the people who prefer autos out of a chance unless they buy a diamond often they won't really want half the things the diamonds ticket provide.
  4. So did I that's why I was upset and the fact I bought 2 autos and wasn't even allowed to take one 10 x 8. It was only 10.30 and there was stacks of pictures.
  5. Has the policy changed for 10 x 8 and when did it change? I've been going to showmasters events since 2003 and I've never had a issue like today. Whenever I've had bought a personal item to be signed. I've always been allowed to pick up a 10 x 8 as well to keep but not get signed. All of the guests I've been to today. I've been allowed to pick up a 10 x 8. Today I got 2 autos from rose and wasn't even allowed to take one 10 x 8. I was told because I've bought my own personal item. I've complained about it at information desk and been told that it's standard. So why have I never come across it in 15 years of going to showmasters events?
  6. Due to our train being cancelled and all other trains to London delayed we unlikely to get to the venue till 4.30 as we now having to get a coach. The Tom Baker with tardis shoot is due to finish then that we have a ticket for. Is it likely it will over run?‬ Hes only there for today.
  7. Any idea on entry doors that will be used this year? Are they the same as last year? We don't get there till lunch time on the friday so is it just the same doors? Which way around the building are we best going in the morning to queue for opening as we are coming by bus so will be getting off at the front at Hammersmith road? Is the queue line going to be the same for the whole weekend?
  8. I love showmasters events they normally have some of the best events around I've been going to them since 2003. Please take this feedback on board. However I was really disappointed with LFCC and this was mainly down to the staff there was clearly not enough and many of the staff there clearly did not know what they we're doing and we're giving misinformation out. There was hardly any staff in the photoshoot area batches not checked queues not sorted correctly. Normally this is one of the areas that showmasters do really well I believe this is why there was so many issues with photoshoots. Just not enough staff was put on them. I have heard other stories as well and again this seems to be due to staff issues, On the saturday I got to the venue at 7am and was getting VQ tickets at just after 9. I got number 72 for Ian normally this kind of number would get you seen in first couple of hours. But Ian was still on 1-15 until the afternoon. I didn't get to see him till late afternoon. So many guests didn't hit beyond 200 vq tickets all day. It seems that gold and diamond are both being over sold so if you want a big guest you are being made to buy them. Meaning anyone going GA doesn't really have much chance. I find this really unfair way to do this it is not fan friendly. Reports from others who have gold they don't even seem to be really that worth it as well. Please bring it back to a more fair way of doing events it seems the over sold photoshoots are also taking too much signing time away as well. I meet some great guests at the weekend and had a nice time the talks we're great and JRD and Kevin Smith being hight lights. There was 2 guests we didn't get to see being Christopher Lloyd and David Bradly. We tired twice with Christopher and I'm aware he's a slow signer but having a vq of 150 you would of though would have had a bit of a chance.
  9. A lot of the doctor who guests had long queues and no one really sorting them out. There was a guy a couple of people in front of us that got Louise to sign 10 masks which of course he had to un pack and then pack back up again. Clearly a dealer I just found this so rude and no staff saying anything.
  10. There only one open it's to the left as you come in the main ga entrance.
  11. But from what it sounds like we get no q and a at all. It's not as advertised.
  12. Well it's not what I paid my money for in that case. If I wanted a podcast would have gone to the evening event.
  13. I'm not really interested in a podcast I paid for a talk. Don't we get a chance to ask questions?
  14. Will the auto max amount be enforced of 5 because I'm seing resale places offering autos for guests at high mark up for preorder from London Film and Comic con one place is in fact using one of the showmasters graphics. I don't want to have to stand for even longer than normal when I have issues standing behind someone who's only just doing it for profit and they been allowed to have extra autos when they not even allow to have more than 5 just because they paid for them.
  15. Thats good to know because with another event they closed it.
  16. Hi for future events is it possible to make sure those signs are really up to date. Maybe as people join the queue they are also told. I totally get that some actors don't like having pictures thats fine. Carlos had a No Photos sign so I didn't even get my camera out of my bag. Charisma had a sign saying No Posed Pictures or Video which is fine I get it and I would never ask a actor for posed picture if they had a sign up. What I didn't like was being embarrassed by security when my boyfriend was going to take pictures of her as she signed. If she doesn't want pictures or video at all this should be stated. With a No Photos and No Video sign and just enforced when security saw someone getting a camera out. My boyfriend had my camera in his hand for some time when i was in the queue and was just about to line up a picture when he was told. He could have easily been told before then.
  17. He didn't cancel though. Just cancelled his talk. We saw him there.
  18. In Feb Peter Mayhew was announced after the star wars talk on the saturday afternoon to be signing the next day. So that was less than 24 hours notice.
  19. I don't think we are likely to get many Star Wars guests and defiantly no major ones due to a event 2 weeks before film con and Mark has already been announced for that one I'm pretty sure he's never been to a showmasters event before either.
  20. Can we make sure virtual tickets are sorted out from the start as kenny baker queue was a nightmare today.
  21. I'm confused with the tickets. I really love to go into the YALC side as well but my most important part of Film Con for me is to get in for 9am. So I don't want to buy a joint ticket and only be able to get in for Film Con for 10am to me it's too late for virtual tickets. Do I need to buy 2 seprate tickets if I want to go to YALC and get into Film Con for 9am because I don't mind paying a bit extra at all but I'm really not going to buy 2 seprate tickets. I rather not go to YALC then play double. I think a lot of people think the same as me and it will put people off.
  22. Really glad Kenny is going. Will he have limited signing times? I know of course has photoshoot etc but will he only doing morning or afternoon or only for a few hours?
  23. Would love to meet Mark Hamill but don't think it's going to happen at the Feb event. It's been a while since Peter Mayhew done a event would love to meet him and of course with Billy Dee Williams having to cancel Sheffield would be great to see him as well. Trying to not get my hopes up about seing people as I know it's not as big as the July one. Gwendoline Christie would be a great one with her being in Game of thrones as well and she does seem really nice. So you got 2 fandoms who really want to meet her. Heroes guests are a good one with reborn out might be good to get some back although I've been doing events for a while so I have meet quite a few alot of new fans haven't. I love to meet some Arrow, Flash, Gotham or Supergirl guests I think it's something you guys need to look at the programmes are either really big or getting even bigger. As much as I'm a big Star Wars fan and Game of Thrones need to add to the mix a bit and look at some of the newer shows.
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