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  1. I wouldn't be so sure they have a "Monopoly" as much as they used to. Over the recent years there have been other similar sized organisations / quality of guests pop up. Showmasters isn't the single big player any more.
  2. Considering one of the threads was actually their statement about the situation just speaks volumes. Also deleting the Covid thread warning people that they caught it at the show it pretty poor form as well in my opinion.
  3. I left for lunch but got to go back in for a photoshoot towards the end of the day. I'm keeping everything crossed that I can get back in as I'm seeing a lot of horror stories on social media.
  4. At the autograph table it's business as usual. Some guests are wearing masks some are not but I didn't notice anything out if the ordinary. Didn't notice any dividing screens for any of the photoshoots either. Depending on the guest will depend on if they touch you for a handshake etc. Didn't notice big distances between you and the guest but didn't seem many people's pictures in fairness.
  5. Posted by Showmasters overnight: Unfortunately, due to a change in schedule, Lauren Mary Kim is unable to join us for tomorrow. She'll be joining us all day Sunday, all photoshoot tickets for Lauren will be able to be redeemed on Sunday.
  6. The following was posted by Showmasters overnight: Unfortunately, we've just been informed that Iain De Caestecker is unable to join us for LFCC this weekend. His agent, Hamilton Hodell, has sent a message from Iain - "To those planning on coming along to see me this weekend, I’m afraid I have some sad news. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I unfortunately am no longer able to attend. I am absolutely gutted and hope to meet you all in person soon. Love Iain." Iain will be joining us for Saturday at London Comic Con Winter and tickets will automatically roll over. If you're unable to attend in November, please email in by 15th July and a voucher will be issued.
  7. Showmasters have put on social media that Ethan Phillips, Peter Ross, Marolyn Turk, Ken Coombs, John Galvin & Paul Markham are unable to come to London Film & Comic Con this weekend but will be moved to the winter show.
  8. Thought you might like to know that Robert has tweeted out the following regarding the make up: "Just heard the SFX makeup artist applying my Freddy prosthetics at the London Film and Comic Con (July 9) worked on two of my favorite shows, THE TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW and PEAKY BLINDERS. Can’t wait to ask questions about those projects. Sweet Dreamz!" I know that doesn't add to much information but it's something.
  9. I know what you mean, I've just lost two as well. I know it's the nature of cons and certainly with Covid still around it makes things a bit volatile but still it's quite disappointing. Bit like you this used to be the highlight of the year for me but have felt quite underwhelmed the last few shows.
  10. I have to agree with this. Those who will.... will, and those who won't.... won't. I think we're passed the point of convincing people to wear them and unless SM say you have to wear one for entry into the event there's not much else that can be done unless the government announces something. I know of only 1 company within the last six months of events that I've been to that have actively checked a vaccination / negative test status and asked for masks to be worn. Like Wrong Name said I'm not looking for arguments and certainly don't want this thread to turn into a Covid argument. From my own perspective I'll be wearing a mask the entire time and be quickly removing it for photos and putting it back on. I know I'll be in the minority but I'll be happy and it causes no harm to anyone else.
  11. A very logical response regarding the jumper so yeah as you said I would suspect now he won't be wearing it. I can understand the logo t-shirt from a business point of view for Showmasters for the exact reason you said about publicity however I do know quite a few people were left deflated a bit when they saw him in the t-shirt. Thankfully I was able to get around the t-shirt issue by asking Robert to creep up behind me over my shoulder. It made for a great photo and the shirt wasn't visible. I'm in complete agreement with regards to the make up and not knowing who's doing it as well. Quite frustrating and disappointing. I think all in all I'm going to save my money on this one as I got a pretty good photo out of it last time and I'm not too sure what to expect this time around.
  12. I have asked this exact question about the make up as well as if he's wearing a jumper directly on Twitter under their post about Robert as well as to Jason directly on a Facebook group with no reply whatsoever. It leads me to believe that either a) They don't know, or b) he won't be in a jumper and we're not being told. That's a real shame as I was tempted by the boiler room photo but with the lack of information / clarification being offered I'm not willing to part with my money. I was lucky to get the makeup shoot the last time however was disappointed that Robert was wearing a LFCC T-Shirt. Sort of took away the mystic a bit.
  13. She posted this on her Twitter earlier on. This will be her first convention appearance since Covid has come along and by her own admission she's quite anxious about mingling with crowds at the airport and at the show. So I'd say to anyone meeting her please bare that in mind.
  14. Just a quick heads up that Robert Picardo has said on his Twitter that due to acting commitments he won't be at the July show but will be coming November instead.
  15. As per Showmasters Facebook & Twitter: PATRICK O'KANE will be at London Film & Comic Con in July. Patrick was in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Tritt Open, Hux's First Order Officer. He also appeared in Game of Thrones as Jaquen's disguise, and in Doctor Who he played Ashad aka the Lone Cyberman. Unfortunately, Patrick is unable to join us this weekend for London Comic Con Spring. All photoshoot tickets will automatically transfer to LFCC. If you're unable to attend, please email in by 4th March 2022 and a voucher will be issued.
  16. As usual I just want to heap loads of praise on Robert Englund. I managed to get him on Friday and had an image from Phantom of the Opera to sign. He loved it and we spent a good five minutes or so talking about the film and how he hadn't seen that still before. (Apologies to anyone for holding up the line). Consistently one of my favourites, I had another photoshoot with him and we did a non Freddy pose for the first time. Also well done to Showmasters regarding the plexiglass and black background. Probably the best example I've seen where it's virtually hidden. Top marks also for George Takei. Knowing he was signing for a limited time I made it to first in the autograph queue yesterday. George as always was lovely, took time with each item I had (3 in total) and personalised as well as adding a couple of character names as well. Both he and his husband Brad are simply lovely. I also want to acknowledge Joey Cramer. Such a personable person he was chatty and engaging with everyone who came to meet him and he looked like he was enjoying himself. Great bloke.
  17. Showmasters have just released the following cancellation on social media: We are sorry to inform you that Jimmy Vee is not able to attend today due to a last minute change in filming schedule.
  18. Showmasters have just released this statement on social media: We are sorry to inform you that Ryan Hurst made the decision last night not to return to LFCC as agreed and instead attend a different event. Obviously, we are extremely disappointed that he made the choice to break his promise to the fans about being here today. If you had a group Sons of Anarchy photo shoot including Ryan for Sunday, the difference will be refunded and you can use your ticket for the 3 person group shot which is still going ahead. All individual photo shoots with Ryan today will also be refunded. Please bear with us we process these.
  19. Firstly apologies if this has been addressed before and I've missed the answer. Has Showmasters announced its stance at all with regards to the professional photos and the use of a divider at all? I've noticed that some cons are implementing a clear plexiglass divider between guest and fan and some are not. Has Showmasters announced what they plan on doing yet?
  20. From each Destination Star Trek I've been to they've only ever had Star Trek pictures available so if you're wanting to get something signed non Trek related you might want to source one yourself ahead of time.
  21. So I've seen this on the London Film Comic Con Winter Facebook page: As London Film & Comic Con has had to postpone it’s July dates it is now taking place 19-21 November. This means London Comic Con Winter will now take place in 2022. Entry tickets are automatically rolled over to the 2022 event. Should you wish to transfer to them to London Film & Comic Con please email shop@showmastersevents.com. The guests previously announced for these dates will be now attending London Film & Comic Con and those tickets will automatically be transferred over. --------- So just to check that I am right in reading that Showmasters are happy for entry tickets for Winter LFCC to be transferred over to the rescheduled July LFCC? Just a bit confused.
  22. I have a question regarding autographs. I've noticed with most Diamond Passes that get a priority in the queue and it's worded "guarantee in person" autograph. This doesn't appear with Robert Englund. Whilst there's no "guarantee" does the Diamond Pass at least give a priority in the queue or will it be a case of EVERYONE will need a virtual ticket. On a similar topic, can it's be clarified as to what the VIP Meet and Greet is please? I've seen these sold across various different conventions and the details of these can vary. Will it be an intimate meeting with selfies only? Or would autographs be included as well? Some clarity would be appreciated.
  23. Has Ian done a throne shoot before? If so would anyone be willing to post the photo so I could see what it looks like please?
  24. I would 100% lay down top Diamond Pass money if you can get Peter Cullen and Frank Welker over.
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