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  1. Showmasters Jabba Print

    Hello Sorry Collectormania took over, I'll be packing the last of these over the weekend to ship early next week with the last of the Collectormania orders. JG
  2. Pre Order

    pre orders added up to LFCC, just need to add some missing images for LFCC.
  3. Cardiff City FC Bus celebration

    The roads closed off for the Car Free days are the other side of town and don't effect the venue or local carparks, the easiest way to the venue and quickest is to come via the link road via cardiff bay. I've read about the bus celebrations but can't see how it can be done on sunday is the bus would travel along the roads closed, again it is no where near the venue.
  4. Showmasters Jabba Print

    These have started to ship today. I'm trying to clear Jabba prints, stuart fell, nick read, salo gardner before I leave for prowse friday evening. Jason
  5. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    Please do as queen asks. Trust me when I say I check this page weekly, we are currently working on some horror guests but a lot of things come into play when booking a guest.
  6. Salo Gardner

    We had word on monday is hand is getting better, watch this space......
  7. Guest suggestions

  8. Salo Gardner

    Hello Yes as posted online, Salo has turned us away twice, we have another star wars actor trying to help now as its become very frustrating. Print costs and travel costs are already into 3 figures, I thank you for your patience. Jason G
  9. Guest Cancellation - Chloe Annett

    Pre orders have been refunded
  10. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hello Currently at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con. It states clearly on at least 3 parts of the homepage that LFCC we aim to ship within 10 to 20 working days (or business days as some call it) I asked if people would hold off emailing until day 21 as it does really slow things down. Day 21 is actually tomorrow. It also states that it can take slightly longer with back to back shows. Since LFCC I have had Bournemouth, Glasgow and Sheffield. Since LFCC there have been over 600 emails asking where their LFCC items are. Plans have been discussed to take on extra staff next year after LFCC to avoid the delays. Between the 3 shows mentioned, LFCC, prows, skeaping and Fielder signings that equals around 3500 parcels. I will be working around the clock when I get home to ship everything by the time I leave for Amsterdam this friday. I did post on the homepage on thursday if you haven't received your refund for a cancelled guest then please email and I will check that asap. Since thursday only 3 people have emailed to say they were waiting. ALSO the ONLY way to contact me is via the contact us on the home page on www.showmastersales.com. preorders@showmastersevents.com All other links go to the main office and I am not based there. I thank you for your patience and I hope you love your items. Happy Bank Holiday Jason G
  11. Pre ordered autographs

    Hello Currently at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con. It does state clearly on the home page we aim to 10 to 20 working day. (working days) and we asked if people would hold off emailing until day 21. That is tomorrow (tuesday), since LFCC there have been over 600 emails, which is killing the shipping time. Jason
  12. Pre-order service?

    Just got back from Glasgow so its next on the list
  13. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    And I can think of 3 that are cancelled to poor ticket sales and 1 that changed from 2 days to 1 due to poor ticket sales.
  14. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    With the amount of possible horror guests out there is highly unlikely that US horror guests will get more then one show. LFCC will always have x amount of slots for horror like it has the last few years. Horror at regionals is not working and pre orders are next to zero for them. As someone who started collecting autographs in 1998 I was willing to travel the length of the country to meet a guest I wanted. No matter who we book these days the replies are why can't they do this show..... The answer to that is simple, if we are losing money on them once why would we do it a second time??? Horror is such a wide category, its very hard to please all horror fans, with one or two guests. At this point I think its highly unlikely that we continue to bring US horror guests over next year to the regional shows. Sadly there are not enough UK based horror guests that want to do shows to keep horror at the regionals. Jason G