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  1. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Jeremy Bulloch Private Signing Nov 19th Nov

    Jeremy Bulloch Signing Monday Nov 19th Price £25 per autograph Send in items accepted, must be here friday 16th November London Film fair is the day before so a perfect chance to combine orders. www.showmasterssales.com
  2. Showmasters Pre Orders

    New signer

    John did you email me?
  3. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Showmasters Jabba Print

    If anyone is waiting on anything, be it a dedication refund, or anything from a signing please EMAIL ME NOW. preorders@showmastersevents.com There were a LOT of emails around DST and if you got missed I apologize, but email and thats sort whatever the issue is out. Jason G
  4. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Showmasters and Massive Events Autograph Pre-Orders

    Hello I have asked the company that we use for the shop software to check it but I want to point out in the 4 years I have done this no one has EVER reported any issues to me. Jason G
  5. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Guest Announcement

    The only email I have access to is preorders@showmastersevents.com If its Star Wars related I can probably reply to 90% of the questions if you email. I don't book EVERY star wars guest so I don't have the answer to everything. I've finally managed to sort my forum log in so I will be more frequent here. BUT if anyone has any outstanding issues please email me and I will aim to resolve ASAP One thing to note, after an event like DST or LFCC I do not touch emails that week as I spend most of the time shipping. Emails started at 8pm on the sunday night whist still at DST asking if items have shipped yet. Over the course of 5 days after LFCC I had 328 emails asking if their items had shipped, sadly other non shipping emails get lost in that mess. Going forward the homepage for pre orders will have a weekly update. www.showmasterssales.com Jason G
  6. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Pre Orders

    Hi, Your email linked to your forum shows nothing my end. can you email me asap please. JG
  7. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Pre Orders

    Going by your forum name, dvd cover? Let me know if its not arrived. JG
  8. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Pre Orders

    All DST orders have shipped. If your UK give it until tomorrow and if not drop me an email. Outside of UK if you could give it to monday and if items have not arrived please email. All orders have shipped via a signed and tracked service. There were a LOT of items. OurDek email me today, I'm in front of the computer pretty much all day. Please mention your forum name as the forum names mean nothing when it come to the email addresses I have. Jason G
  9. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Guest Announcement

    Good Morning. Paul Sharky is not attending next weekend. Jason G
  10. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Pre orders?

    Sorry I've been working on some guests and other up coming things, Glasgow and Sheffield are about to ship. I updated the home page yesterday. Jason G
  11. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Showmasters Jabba Print

    Hello Sorry Collectormania took over, I'll be packing the last of these over the weekend to ship early next week with the last of the Collectormania orders. JG
  12. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Showmasters Jabba Print

    These have started to ship today. I'm trying to clear Jabba prints, stuart fell, nick read, salo gardner before I leave for prowse friday evening. Jason
  13. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    Please do as queen asks. Trust me when I say I check this page weekly, we are currently working on some horror guests but a lot of things come into play when booking a guest.
  14. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Salo Gardner

    We had word on monday is hand is getting better, watch this space......
  15. Showmasters Pre Orders

    Salo Gardner

    Hello Yes as posted online, Salo has turned us away twice, we have another star wars actor trying to help now as its become very frustrating. Print costs and travel costs are already into 3 figures, I thank you for your patience. Jason G