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  1. Met him a few years ago. Really lovely
  2. Have been expecting this for weeks. Will be rolling my tickets over to next year
  3. More Star Trek Picard guests to join Jeri Ryan & Jonathan Del Arco. Especially Isa Briones
  4. Seen, Terminator: Dark Fate and it’s fantastic, only T2 & the first terminator are better
  5. The Lion King (2019) stands up very well to the classic animated lion king film from around 25yrs ago
  6. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. A very good sequel to the 2014 Godzilla reboot that does what it says on the tin. Godzilla fighting other monsters like King Ghidorah to set up Kong v Godzilla next year
  7. X-Men: Dark Phoenix. A very good end to the X-Men franchise & a lot better than reviews say it is. Not the worst X-Men film
  8. Star Trek: Discovery season 2. season finale was on good Friday and it was a fantastic end to a fantastic 2nd season
  9. Hellboy (2019) a very enjoyable, bloody, gory & violent reboot of the hellboy franchise. Well worth a watch 8/10
  10. Late posting this as been busy the past few months since DST last year with various commitments, mainly with ice hockey & family (my brother is in the circus) No cons at all for me. Was worried I’d struggle because of my autism, but I didn’t at all. All the volunteers were great, the guests were fantastic. Obviously a special thank you to Jeri Ryan as she’s why I went. So incredibly lovely with me & hasn’t aged a bit. The Discovery cast were an absolute pleasure to interact with at the panels, autograph tables & photoshoots along with Alice Krige, Gates McFadden, Mar
  11. Aquaman, one of the better dceu films
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