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  1. brooketessmacherfan

    One Week To Go!

    If I do, I’ll definately try & say hello too
  2. brooketessmacherfan

    Star Trek photos for autographs

    Far as I know yes. Ive has various things that aren’t photos signed at conventions I’ve been too including action figures & Blu-ray boxsets. Could be different at this convention
  3. brooketessmacherfan

    One Week To Go!

    I very much intend to have a great time as never thought I’d get to have a whole weekend at a convention with a vip ticket package especially a Star Trek one. Plus it will be my first proper holiday in 4yrs
  4. brooketessmacherfan

    One Week To Go!

    One week today I’ll be at my first Star Trek Convention and I’m so incredibly excited to be going to my first ever Star Trek Convention to meet lots of my fav Star Trek Stars from the films & the various tv shows: TOS, Next Generation, DS9, Enterprise & Discovery (just got into discovery over past few weeks because of this convention and really loving it) and interact with them getting photos with them, autographs & asking questions at the panels I’ve got tickets for in my commander package. Also incredibly excited as I’ve never done a whole weekend with one of these vip packages for various personal reasons & circumstances (including being autistic & losing my mum to a brain tumour) have planned who I’m getting autographs from & photos with Autographs Nichelle Nichols Gates McFadden Alice Krige Aaron Eisenberg Max Grodenchik Jeri Ryan (Jeri is why I’m coming to the convention) Sonequa Martin-Green Photographs Jeri Ryan (booked) Kate Mulgrew (booked) Alice Krige Doug Jones Mary Wiseman obviously things can change, but this is the plan at the moment. As for what I’m bringing to get signed, just my Star Trek 10 film Blu-ray (all the Trek films apart from the reboot trilogy with Chris Pine) boxset & Star Trek: Voyager: complete journey boxset. Plus will buy something from the traders/vendors and get the souvenir program or the DST print from my goody bag signed. ill be easy to spot over the weekend as I’ll be wearing ice hockey jerseys from the uk team I support which is Manchester Storm. Can’t wait to meet people on here too of course
  5. brooketessmacherfan

    Admiral Package information

    A lovely tribute to your nan. Have a great time
  6. brooketessmacherfan

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    Exactly, if one person gets to swap etc it will cause complaints & other issues which would cause a massive headache just over a week to DST. whilst I would have liked to swap with someone who has been allocated Jeri Ryan. I’m happy with who I’ve been allocated & with no swaps
  7. brooketessmacherfan

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    I get it as well & it’s a great idea. Shame swapping isn’t allowed as otherwise I’d have your Jeri autograph in a heartbeat as she’s why I’m coming. Am happy with who I’ve got though
  8. brooketessmacherfan

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Ah ok thanks. Was thinking I’d be getting an email with what 2 photos without guests are alloctaed in my package, just like emails I have received informing me on the guest talks that have been allocated & the 2 guest autographs that have been allocated
  9. brooketessmacherfan

    Latest WHO you've watched

    Latest one I’ve watched: The Doctor Who Fell To Earth Really enjoyed it a lot & think Jodie Whittaker will smash it as the doctor
  10. brooketessmacherfan

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Ah that’s why I haven’t had the email with the photo shoot details on yet. Have had the emails for the guest talks & allocated autographs that are included in my commander package
  11. brooketessmacherfan

    how does Destination differ from normal Showmaster cons?

    I’ve brought my own items to conventions be signed and not had any issues. Got my Star Wars Blu-ray box set signed by Kenny Baker & Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and at LFCC2014 Brooke Adams signed all her impact Wrestling merchandise I had of hers
  12. brooketessmacherfan

    how does Destination differ from normal Showmaster cons?

    Excellent news there will be plenty of traders, I had seen Star Trek Starships (Eaglemoss) has confirmed they were there coming. Make sure now I’ve got plenty of money to bring. Had been looking for a Seven Of Nine figure for Jeri Ryan to sign. hopefully one of the traders will have one
  13. brooketessmacherfan

    Star Trek photos for autographs

    This is my first DST, so thanks for explaining the difference
  14. brooketessmacherfan

    Star Trek photos for autographs

    Ok, just thought it would be like for example summer lfcc2014 that I attended to meet former Impact wrestler Brooke Adams (she’s why I’m called brooketessmacherfan on here) and Brooke had photos at her signing table that I believe were included her auto price
  15. brooketessmacherfan

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Got the WWE2K19 WOOOOOO! collectors edition yesterday which is dedicated to Ric Flair & is signed by Ric Himself