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  1. brooketessmacherfan

    New terminator film!

    Seen, Terminator: Dark Fate and it’s fantastic, only T2 & the first terminator are better
  2. brooketessmacherfan

    Films watched in 2019

    The Lion King (2019) stands up very well to the classic animated lion king film from around 25yrs ago
  3. brooketessmacherfan

    New terminator film!

    Yep James Cameron confirmed it
  4. brooketessmacherfan

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Yvonne Strahovski
  5. brooketessmacherfan

    Films watched in 2019

    Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. A very good sequel to the 2014 Godzilla reboot that does what it says on the tin. Godzilla fighting other monsters like King Ghidorah to set up Kong v Godzilla next year
  6. brooketessmacherfan

    Films watched in 2019

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix. A very good end to the X-Men franchise & a lot better than reviews say it is. Not the worst X-Men film
  7. brooketessmacherfan

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Star Trek: Discovery season 2. season finale was on good Friday and it was a fantastic end to a fantastic 2nd season
  8. brooketessmacherfan

    Films watched in 2019

    Hellboy (2019) a very enjoyable, bloody, gory & violent reboot of the hellboy franchise. Well worth a watch 8/10
  9. brooketessmacherfan

    Your convention experiences: Pros and Cons

    Late posting this as been busy the past few months since DST last year with various commitments, mainly with ice hockey & family (my brother is in the circus) No cons at all for me. Was worried I’d struggle because of my autism, but I didn’t at all. All the volunteers were great, the guests were fantastic. Obviously a special thank you to Jeri Ryan as she’s why I went. So incredibly lovely with me & hasn’t aged a bit. The Discovery cast were an absolute pleasure to interact with at the panels, autograph tables & photoshoots along with Alice Krige, Gates McFadden, Martha Hackett the panels I attended were all great and was fantastic to ask Jeri a couple of questions. The convention was very easy to get around & was places where I could go when things got to much. my first DST was fantastic and it won’t be my last. Unlikely to be back this year, but I’m already planning for 2020
  10. brooketessmacherfan

    Films watched in 2018

    Aquaman, one of the better dceu films
  11. brooketessmacherfan

    Who did you get?

    Photos Jeri Ryan Kate Mulgrew Mary Wiseman Doug Jones Alice Krige Autographs Gates McFadden Jayne Brook Martha Hackett Steve Rankin Alice Krige Jeri Ryan Sonequa Martin-Green All of them were really lovely with me, especially Jeri Ryan, Sonequa Martin-Green & Jayne Brook
  12. brooketessmacherfan

    Any exclusive reveals?

    Mary Chieffo revealed the new look her character has in Star Trek: Discovery
  13. brooketessmacherfan

    What a fantastic weekend!

    Please delete this one moderators, pressed quote instead of edit
  14. brooketessmacherfan

    What a fantastic weekend!

    I was ridiculously excited about my first Star Trek convention yet was also very nervous as I was worried my nerves would get the better of me as I’m autistic and not usually good in crowds but I ended up having a fantastic weekend and it could not have gone any better and have nothing negative to say about DST Jeri Ryan was the main guest I was looking forward too and she was fantastic all weekend with me and was so incredibly lovely. firstly when I got her autograph on Friday (made her a priority to get as thought Jeri would be incredibly busy on saturday & sunday) she had a lovely chat & thanked me for coming. Then on Saturday I had my photo with her and again she was incredibly lovely & then yesterday I attended her “Seven Of Nine” panel and normally I don’t ask questions at panels as I’m too nervous, but Jeri made me overcome my nerves & was able to ask a couple of questions about Voyager & Dracula 2000. Other guests I enjoyed interacting with were the Discovery cast at panels, photo shoots & autographs with special mentions for Sonequa Martin-Green who was really fun, bubbly & really lovely both when I got her autograph & at the discovery panel, Jason Isaacs who did a brilliant solo panel on sunday, Mary Wiseman who was more than happy to chat to me about Tilly as she was leaving a panel to go back to signing autographs and Mary Chieffo & Ken Mitchell who were both very funny & entertaining, especially at their panel on Sunday which closed my weekend at DST. Had a lovely chat with Jayne Brook too & Doug Jones is a lovely guy William Shatner was very funny & entertaining in his panel I attended, enjoyed the panel with Michael Dorn & Terry Farrell too. Alice Krige & Gates McFadden were lovely was really lovely chatting to other Trek fans who couldn’t care less that I was autistic & treated me as just a Trek fan. will be back for more. Don’t think it will be next year, but I’ll be there in 2020
  15. brooketessmacherfan

    Nichelle Nichols

    I had Nichelle as one of my allocated autographs in my commander package. Tried to get her on the Saturday but she wasn’t there because she wasn’t well. On the Sunday, I tried to get her in the afternoon as has no time on Sunday morning because of panels & photos and the crew member for Nichelle said I could either join her queue but because she was still not fully 100% it wasn’t guaranteed I’d get her autograph, I could swap it if I wanted too for Jayne Brook’s (from Star Trek: Discovery) autograph. so I decided to get Jayne’s autograph instead to avoid running out of time to get her autograph if Nichelle had to leave after being in her queue for ages