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Latest Guest Announcement Lance Henriksen


Lance is a really great guy and a lot of fun to meet ,he will be with us over the weekend taking part in photo ops and talks and signing autographs.



Aliens - Bishop


Millennium (TV series) - Frank Black (67 episodes, 1996-1999)


The Terminator - Detective Hal Vukovich

AVP: Alien vs. Predator - Charles Bishop Weyland

Hellraiser: Hellworld (video) - The Host

Scream 3 - John Milton

Powder - Sheriff Doug Barnum

Hard Target - Emil Fouchon

Super Mario Bros. - The King

Alien³ - Bishop II

The Last Samurai - Johnny Congo

Stone Cold - Chains Cooper

Pumpkinhead - Ed Harley

Near Dark - Jesse Hooker

Jagged Edge - Frank Martin

The Right Stuff - Wally Schirra

Damien: Omen II - Sergeant Neff

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Robert


TRON: Uprising (TV series) - Tesler (16 episodes, 2012-2013)

Transformers: Animated (TV series) - Lockdown (3 episodes, 2008-2009)

NCIS (TV series) - Sheriff Clay Boyd (1 episode, 2009)

The Witches of Oz (TV mini-series) - Henry Gale (1 episode, 2011)

The X-Files (TV series) - Frank Black (1 episode, 1999)
















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  • Showmasters Admin

well last years event was the busiest CMG yet and as such we have pushed the envelope and are delivering the bigger guests we said we word , you help over the last few years means we can now really start to grow this event into a much bigger event.


but we really do still need you all to get the word out so the guests do well over the weekend and they go back and tell others that they did well and we can then book more bigger guests, this year is the first chance we have to grow CMG so please help get the word out to as many people as you can , tweeting, putting links on facebook etc all helps the show and means more bigger guests .


one other thing that is helping us a little is having Cardiff the weekend after CMG as we can share the costs between two shows this will happen in future years as well so we think we can really start to grow both shows much faster over the next few years :-)


see you soon and thanks for helping



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Excellent news; well played, Showmasters!


Would it be greedy to ask for Al Matthews for Glasgow as well? :)


if you do get him, just make sure he parks his car in the right bit of the arena on the day.

Bay 12.


What, like this?





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Holy night, what an amazing guest!


Will totally be meeting him.


Will try and get my mate to come over from Ireland for once too. He always says that he will but never does. This might sway him!



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such is the legendary nature of Lance coming to Glasgow, it has actually decided for me.....

Ill no longer be going down to CM:MK simply so i can stockpile $$$ for when i meet Lance in august.

Multiple items WILL be getting signed by this man, i assure you.


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  • Showmasters Admin

as i say guys lets get the word out to others friends and beyond so all the guest do well at this show that way we will be able to bring more guests and bigger guests now and in the future , its up to us all to make this event what you want it to be , thanks to you and all the people that have contact us to offer help it dose make a big difference.





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Well done SM, Lance is an amazing guest! Alien, Terminator and so many other horror and Sci-Fi films...just went through his filmography again and there are so many many films he was in I had forgotten about.


I am with modern_day_prophet, in the past three years I have attended EMS in October/November. Since it seems there will be no EMS this year I had thought about going to LFFC but this line-up for Glasgow means I can spend money on the guests rather than on flights and a hotel so I think I will stick to Glasgow this year.

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