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  1. I’m doing alright thanks, I was at the PlayExpo this year too for the first time that was fun. Just a few small things, nothing major, I normally pick up one of those mystery bags as I never really know what I want so I go for that though I’d already picked up a £50 one at PlayExpo so I didn’t want to get another one.
  2. Unfortunately no, I just had a look around the stalls and was watching the cosplay masquerade.
  3. I almost missed this years event completely as I hadn’t been keeping updated on the change in dates, it was actually complete coincidence I was going to see Oppenheimer at XSite yesterday and bumped into someone I knew who was going to this event, so only had a chance to look around for the last few hours. Very barebones like last year was though perhaps this change of dates will help in future, here’s hoping.
  4. One of the comic book guests; Etienne made this video on his YouTube channel from the Saturday promoting his work Beats of War as well as another look at some of the masquerade. Super cool and very talented guy.
  5. Hey there Bryan, nice to see you on here again. Hopefully you make it to next years event.
  6. Here a video of the Masquerade from Saturday
  7. Bonus points for creativity to the guy that dressed up as “The Smiler” (ride at Alton Towers), loads of effort made with home made costumes and such so surprised that there was no chat about plans etc but never mind.
  8. So finally it happened, the con was back after lockdown. After passing on the event the last few times beforehand it felt like an age that I hadn’t been to the convention so was pretty keen to get to this, I went into the area first thing hoping that with the extra time I would able to navigate all the stalls. So my first impressions walking in were slightly…underwhelming though I made the most of what was there which was still a good selection though I would say perhaps not enough variety between vendors. But still I managed to get a pretty decent haul all the same. However I was really impressed with the turnout, it was great to see so many as the doors opened up for standard tickets so even though it felt like the arena was a bit barebones this year it filled up in no time. I can understand that due to covid that both vendors and organisers were keeping things pretty basic though I do hope that now things are returning to relative normality that more effort is put into this event for next year. The talks as well were a bit all over the place and I’m not sure what they’ve done with the stage setup, this needs to open out a bit more. Overall I had a great time and I do appreciate that efforts that were made to get this convention back, it was made better thanks to the community and company I was with, though I normally stay most the day I didn’t feel so inclined this time. I hope (not for the first time) that the turnout was enough to motivate the organisers to make more of a statement for the Glasgow event, I realise their priority is to the bigger shows though this show has potential to be much more with a bit more care and attention paid towards it. Anyway, glad to be back at the event and already looking forward to next year, chances are I will go to a bigger show too though I still like to see my local convention getting the love it deserves. Feel free to share your experiences, if nobody else does I’ll post up any videos made during the show.
  9. Yeah its just a QR code that needs to be scanned so doesn't really need to be a paper copy, i have the pdf downloaded onto my mobile
  10. OverGeek


    And? You posted all this with no reaction to what you thought about it once you saw it
  11. Much appreciated, seems to be very little hype for this year’s event.
  12. They're not announced though guests are still indicated as being cancelled, so far this one isn't so you can assume he will still be attending.
  13. So now i finally have the correct year i’m super pumped about being able to attend my local comic con again though i would love to cosplay money is quite tight due to a change of job and the dreaded C word…i may break out the old Zombie cosplay once again as thats always a cheap costume to make. Currently thinking a member of the Skull Gang from The Batman. What are your plans? Edit: Almost 50 views and no responses? Come on guys!
  14. Hmm…would have been nice to update their announcement post though i guess the date in the title is a big clue. I feel dumb, i even have time off for this and everything lol Blaah. Back to being depressed again i guess.
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