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  1. They're not announced though guests are still indicated as being cancelled, so far this one isn't so you can assume he will still be attending.
  2. So now i finally have the correct year i’m super pumped about being able to attend my local comic con again though i would love to cosplay money is quite tight due to a change of job and the dreaded C word…i may break out the old Zombie cosplay once again as thats always a cheap costume to make. Currently thinking a member of the Skull Gang from The Batman. What are your plans? Edit: Almost 50 views and no responses? Come on guys!
  3. Hmm…would have been nice to update their announcement post though i guess the date in the title is a big clue. I feel dumb, i even have time off for this and everything lol Blaah. Back to being depressed again i guess.
  4. Wait…i thought it was this year? Why/when did it get postponed again??
  5. Ten days to go to finally be back. Looking forward to finding some bargains at the stalls, listening to a few of the talks, checking out the cool prop display, watching the cosplay parade and generally being able to geek out again. Edit: Are all things i would have said if it was actually this year..doh
  6. Would love to go as Sloth from The Goonies if I get the chance, though not sure if I'll get the time to get everything I need for it. Good possibility I will be dressed as a generic fanboy (myself) this year.
  7. Sadly as he was already announced for a few events in one go I would suggest that it is unlikely, not impossible but unlikely. How about Corey Feldman? he said on Twitter that he would do it! :) yip ... Can also confirm that Corey would love to come to Glasgow.... Ideal replacement for Sean Astin Sean hasn't cancelled, has he? I think 8ball was meaning a replacement for London and an addition to Glasgow.
  8. Yeah these come under prop shoots or photo opportunities rather than photoshoot persay (though they do typically happen around the same area, I've yet to see any cars or anything else that might take up lots of space though we do get some cool stuff to make a great looking photo.
  9. Two Goonies now...please please please try getting a few more of the guys and gals for a Glasgow reunion, you can do it - Never say Die!
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while since I was here last. Apologies to anyone who i had as friends on Facebook though I'm no longer using the site, I'm more active on Twitter nowadays. Just to also update anyone not in on the loop, my wife Maggie is currently expecting a baby (just another month to go) so this is the main reason I haven't been online as much lately. We are both hoping to make this convention as there's a quite a few we both really want to meet. Top of the list for me is Ray Park, and not just for Darth Maul but most his other roles people forget he's in too like Toad in the original X-Men, The Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow as well as Edgar in Heroes and many others. Carl Weathers is totally up there too, definitely need to get something Predator related signed, though want to ask him a Rocky related question too. Sean Aston, Ke Huy Quan, and James Masters are all must meets too.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/events/445716342233653/ A great selection of photos on here to browse through.
  12. Another Cosplay Music Video this time filmed on both days.
  13. More Harry Potter guests, 2015 was sadly lacking in that department.
  14. Absolutely fantastic idea, this has so much potential to it, you could add so many different formats to have a full list of guests even if it's not all main stars it would still be incredible. As suggested even beyond the many stars that have appeared in the series, I think almost any hard core Potter fan would love to meet the people behind the scenes, especially the fx department who brought so many different creatures to life as well as create the backdrops that made the magical world feel so real. And thinking away from the actual movie franchise, I obviously began life as a book so you could bring in the artists who created the fantastic covers as well as the different scenes in the Pottermore website and why not bring in an audiobook reader too. Also next year will begin the theatre production of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, so why not bring in some of the talent who worked on that. Another possibility could be for actual props, set pieces and maybe even a vehicle or two to be put on display. The arena (or hall) could be decorated to look like Hogwarts as well as a few other choice locations in the wizarding world and of course it wouldn't be complete without some of the foods, sweets and drinks made famous in the books. This is the kind of event if done right would bring in a huge crowd and could potentially be ShowMasters greatest convention yet. Though only if done correctly, us Potterheads expect greatness from our fandom and purely relying on a few big guests to make the show wouldn't cut it. If ShowMasters goes for this, they should bring their A game to ensure every little detail is thought through I would happily go to this even if it's an event style convention which I typically avoid, for Harry Potter I would definitely go without doubt.
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