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  1. It usually takes a couple of weeks I think. Just keep checking the site regularly: https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/London-Film-Comic-Con/C00000gjerJdm86I
  2. Unfortunately I will miss this year's convention because I will be away for a long weekend. It will be only the second Braehead convention I have missed since 2007. I would have liked to meet Kieran Hodgson (to add to my Two Doors Down DVD) and Ian McCulloch (to sign a couple of Blu-Rays). Although neither of them have been added to the forum they were announced on Facebook. I have been wanting to meet Ian for a while and I'm annoyed that he will be at my local con and I won't get to see him. Both Kieran and Ian have not been added to the pre-order shop either.
  3. I had an absolute blast yesterday at my first LFFC since 2016, when Dolph Lundgren and Rutger Hauer were my main guests. Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock and Scott Adkins are names I thought I'd never see at a Showmasters event. When Chuck was announced I knew I had to travel to London. I travelled down to London from Glasgow on the overnight Megabus because accommodation was so expensive on the Saturday night (a gruelling trip with a two-hour delay but so worth it!) and will travel back by train to Scotland this afternoon. I have to say that I was lucky that none of the cancellations were big names for me. All six guests I met (photo shoots and autographs) were fantastic. I appreciate that many of the more 'traditional' SM fandoms were perhaps ot served as well as in previous years but this edition was right up my street.
  4. They have just posted on Facebook that Ray Hassett won't be there today due to adverse weather affecting travel but will be there on Saturday and Sunday.
  5. There is now: https://londonfilmandcomiccon.com/timetables/
  6. Fantastic announcement and (whisper it) very reasonable price
  7. These Film Fairs look like a lotta fun. Unfortunately a bit far for me to travel to but I received my Susan George pre-order in the mail yesterday and I'm very plesed with it. One for the 'Ninja' collection.
  8. I went back today. Still quite busy for a Sunday. Marina Sirtis' panel was brilliant and often quite hilarious. I have added some photos to my post from yesterday as well.
  9. I had a good time on Saturday but was surprised that it was as busy as it was. I have only skipped one of the Braehead cons since the first Collectormania Glasgow in 2007 but how did all these other people know about it ? The guestlist was fairly small (I could moan again but this seems to be the SM strategy for the smaller events, it is what is I guess...) but everyone I did meet - the 'Allo 'Allo ladies, and Natalie Tena & Jack Gleeson for GoT were really friendly and seemed to enjoy being there. I also did the 'Allo 'Allo combined photo shoot and the Marina Sirtis green screen shoot. I was a bit surprised the Enterprise sickbay was used as a background and Marina seemed to agree ("It makes no sense!" ). I also attended the 'Allo 'Allo and Natalia panels which were both entertaining but I would prefer more moderator questions rather than depending so much on audience questions. One thing I did notice was that there was not a single autograph dealer at the show. I don't know if this event doesn't really work for them? I will be back today to meet Jonathan Watson and see the Julian Glover and Marina Sirtis panels.
  10. Schedule as posted on Facebook:
  11. Disappointing but not totally unexpected. Jonathan Watson was announced on Facebook recently but there is not mention of him on the forum. Is he definitely attending? Edit: I can see he has now been added to the list in the Guest Days & Prices thread. Good news. More 'Two Doors Down' guests are welcome.
  12. I really hope he is! A cancellation was never announced but since the first announcement was almost two and half years ago I have some doubts as well.
  13. I don't know know if they have just been added but photoshoot tickets are on Eventbrite for both days.
  14. My refund is now in the bank so I can only assume you worked you magic behind the scenes, @Queen_Sindel Glad this has been sorted now.
  15. Unfortunately I have still not heard anything.
  16. I have just sent my 3rd email regarding a partial refund (Francesca Ciardi not personalised as ordered) to the advertised email address. I would appreciate it if someone from the pre-order team could action it.
  17. Digital copies of the photo shoots are already available online: https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Glasgow-Film-Comic-Con-2019/C00004gLcIaf45kY
  18. This could have been the case. It was labelled on the reverse as well.
  19. No LFCC for me this year but still managed to pick up a nice souvenir in the silent auction Already have signed Highlander, Greystoke and The Sicilian photos so asked Christopher to sign my Kickboxer: Retaliation blu ray: I picked up a Cobra pressbook including 12 stills: I couldn't pass on a signed Kim Hartman / Richard Gibson photo: And finally my Christopher Lambert green screen photo. I regretted not getting it done in Birmingham last year after I had seen other people's photos and I was glad to get another chance so soon after:
  20. Yes, 'main stage' is his talk/Q&A. He will be signing the whole day when he is not away for the talk, photo shoots or lunch.
  21. Is Jason Momoa's 1666 images on the Saturday a record? Those are crazy numbers
  22. Sometimes a bit too randomly for my liking. Mostly the stickers are at the back. I am fine with that although I personally do not require them. However recently I received a photo with the sticker sloppily applied to the front:
  23. Unfortunately I was not able to attend LFCC this year but I thoroughly enjoy reading all your stories on here. I would have loved to have met Val Kilmer, Lee Majors, Robert Patrick, Ruggero Deodato, Francesca Ciardi, Me Me Lai, Kane Hodder, Martin & Charlie Sheen and so many others!
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