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  1. Thanks hope it just means they just have to confirm dates
  2. A great actor wish I could have met him RIP
  3. Hi does anyone know the dates for film and comic con Glasgow next year really looking forward to it as couldn’t go this year
  4. Hi Brian thanks it’s great to see you again too how are you fingers crossed I can make it next year too I have been missing going to it as it was my first convention I ever went too in 2007
  5. She was a acting legend wish I could have met her RIP
  6. Amazing actor wish I could have met him RIP
  7. He was a great actor and musician RIP
  8. She was a great actress RIP
  9. He was a great actor iam sad I didn’t meet him at film and comic con Glasgow in 2017
  10. Hi Iam really enjoying seeing the pictures sadly I couldn’t make it this year I was hoping to go after missing out on the 2018 and 2019 event where the dates for next years event announced at the convention
  11. I really enjoyed it I loved the storyline and the mystery of it
  12. Really sad news she was great in penny dreadful RIP
  13. Wish I could have met him he was a great actor RIP
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