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  1. Fantastic guest, a hero of mines! Can anyone remember when he last did a con here?
  2. Photos - Mads, Robert Englund, Christopher Lambert, Ade Edmondson, Richard Wilson, Kenny Johnson, Lochlyn Munro. Autos - Mads, Robert Englund, Christopher Lambert, Richard Wilson, Valene Kane, Amanda Wyss, Lisa Wilcox, Michelle Ryan.
  3. Can we show entry tickets & photo ops from the Eventbrite app? Save the trees!
  4. Can't see that being a problem Dawnie, he will be busy but just catch him when his queue starts to quietened down also he's always personalised before when asked. Legend!
  5. Anyone know if there is a cloakroom?
  6. One last question from me, promise. How do we know when a batch has been called? Will there be a sign outside each photo op area or even a social media account to update us? Much obliged kind people!
  7. Saturday. Mads Mikkkelsen photo op - 11:55 - Area A Richard Wilson photo op - 12:35pm - Area C Walking Dead Q&A - 2pm - 2:30pm Ade Edmondson photo op - 3:30pm - Area A Christopher Lambert(Green Screen) photo op - 5:20pm - Area Prop Photo Shoot Sunday. Kenny Johnson photo op - 12:05pm - Area A Robert Englund Q&A - 2pm - 2:30pm Robert Englund photo op - 2:40pm - Area A Mads Mikkkelsen photo op - 3:25pm - Area B Lochlyn Munro photo op - 4:20pm - Area A Ray Park Q&A - 4:45pm - 5:15pm Does that look OK to everyone? Just want to get a second opinion :)
  8. If I buy a Diamond pass with Mads, do I get a guaranteed seat if he does a talk? Was wondering
  9. Just joined the show recently but is playing a prominent character
  10. Ken drinks in my local - a lovely man, everyone should jump at the chance to meet him.
  11. I wouldn't mind Saw guests - huge fan!
  12. Why is everyone adamant it's a Saw reunion? I'm I missing something?
  13. Ewan is absolutely lovely, met him at a Fopp signing last year - really not sure this might be his thing though but fingers crossed!
  14. PLEASE can we get Ashley Walters to go along with Noel, just started Bulletproof and it's amazing and would be good publicity x
  15. Any chance this could be updated with the recently announced guests? Much obliged
  16. Anyone know if she did pictures at her table?
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