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  1. I would love to meet Zach Galligan,Kane Hodder,Sam Jones,Dee Wallace,Bruce Campbell and Corey Feldman
  2. it would be great with all the game of thrones guests to have a iron throne prop photoshoot
  3. carnosoul

    RIP Peter Mayhew

    truly sad my deepest condolences to his family and friends
  4. carnosoul

    Guest suggestions for next year

    Can we please have Lawrence Gillard jnr and other walking dead guests at Glasgow please :)
  5. I would love to meet Zach Galligan,Kane Hodder,Sam Jones,Dee Wallace,Bruce Campbell and Corey Feldman
  6. carnosoul

    Guest suggestions for next year

    That's true I will start a new thread when the new forum opens thanks Raylenth
  7. has next years dates been announced as i couldn't make it to this years convention
  8. carnosoul

    next years dates

    Thanks I'm glad the event is going ahead next year
  9. carnosoul

    next years dates

    Thanks hope they announce them soon I've been to every show since they began but sadly I couldn't make it this year
  10. carnosoul

    next years dates

    Fingers crossed they can sort out any problems and they can hold a show next year
  11. carnosoul

    (Just for fun) Dream guest that has passed away

    Would love to have met him he was a great actor I would also love to have met Rik Mayall he was my comedy hero
  12. carnosoul

    Guest Suggestions

    Bruce Campbell would be awesome and anyone from the walking dead and Star Trek
  13. carnosoul

    Guest Suggestions

    I totally agree it still had a lot of stories to tell I would love to meet some of the cast
  14. Cool guest thanks show masters
  15. Awesome guest looking forward to meeting him
  16. carnosoul

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN WHYTE

    Really nice guy to meet,will get a Prometheus photo signed
  17. Great guest announcement
  18. carnosoul

    Guest Suggestions

    Corey Feldman,Christopher Lambert and Paul McGann would be great to meet :)
  19. carnosoul

    Photoshoot Prop Suggestions

    The black impala from supernatural would be great :)
  20. carnosoul

    Tobe Hooper has passed away

    I was really shocked when I heard the news,I loved his work on Salem's Lot,I wish I could have met him RIP Tobe Hooper
  21. carnosoul

    Thanks Showmasters

    I would also like to thank showmasters,crew and cosplayers for another great convention the guests were all really nice,it was quieter than usual but me and my mum,siste,nephew thought it was better too as we could have a good look at the stalls and more time talking to the guests,I would love bigger guests too but I completely understand what might not be a big guest for some might be a massive guest for others and cmk and lfcc are the big cons,I'm looking forward to next year
  22. I'm looking forward to meeting Mark Rolston,Jenette Goldstein, Valene Kane and Imogen Boorman who are you looking forward to meeting :)
  23. Awesome guest :) Thanks showmasters :)
  24. carnosoul

    Prop Photo Shoots

    Thanks Raylenth
  25. Will there be prop photo shoots like the iron throne groot or wizard wanted poster :)