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  1. Dunno man, I'm on my phone, but you could fire the picture links up, put the pictures on tinypic for a wee short link :)
  2. Defo man! Didn't see the pics of us from last year
  3. Due to money and time constraints, I will be cosplaying as the human alter-ego of a superhero...
  5. ! :) This whole conversation just made my day <3 seriously
  6. Still aiming on Jedi, but not sure if that'll be one day or both. Really fancy trying Steampunk General too. But we shal see
  7. Sailor punk? Hah that sounds pretty unique and awesome dude. I was plotting a Steampunk costume, but not sure, but if I wasn't the only one doing a unique costume I may haha Should fire up some ideas! Never second doubt dude
  8. At present I have no idea what I'll cosplay as. Initial plan was Jedi, but it's sourcing materials is a sod. I'll figure something out XD
  9. Now THIS I'm looking forward to seeing!!! Fully woven or all bug-ish?
  10. Willing to bet it's a space ship……………Showmasters is actually an alien race………….It's gonna be a space ship
  11. Aw brilliant!!! Met him last year and he was really great to talk to! Look forward to meeting him again
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