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  1. doctors10thgirl

    Guest suggestions for next year

    The cast from Ash vs evil dead including Lee Majors
  2. doctors10thgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - SEAN ASTIN

    Awesome guest looking forward to meeting Sean
  3. doctors10thgirl

    Terry molloy

    Thank you
  4. doctors10thgirl

    Terry molloy

    What happen to the tickets for terry molloy to meet him there's nothing there to buy his tickets
  5. doctors10thgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT ENGLUND

    Hell yes can we have jason please
  6. doctors10thgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - AMANDA WYSS

    awesome guest looking forward to meeting Amanda more horror guests please
  7. I think that ive left it late i'll come next yr
  8. I'm moving house on Monday the 18th but I was wondering can I still buy tickets on wednesday for the sunday would I get the tickets b4 I move or will they come to my new house
  9. doctors10thgirl

    glasgow guests

    this is really bad this year, last year was better sadly I cant go to this one because I'm moving house what happen to some horror icons
  10. doctors10thgirl

    anymore guests

    oh ok thanks
  11. doctors10thgirl

    anymore guests

    I was just wondering if we are getting more guests if so can we get some horror guests!
  12. doctors10thgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - DIRK BENEDICT

    what a brilliant guest I can't not wait to meet him
  13. doctors10thgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - KANE HODDER

    i'm so gutted that I can't go now to meet Kane will his autographs be in the shop to buy