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  1. modern_day_prophet

    Movie Title Game

  2. modern_day_prophet


    duuuude, i got my photo taken in the DeLorean wearing Marty's multi-coloured cap at a Con last year... I think thats an awesome idea for a Cosplay too :)
  3. modern_day_prophet

    merry christmas

    In light of the badness thats went on in Glasgow over the last few days, im hoping that everyone on here that ive come to know is safe and sound this Christmas, and wish you all the very best for the holidays, folks. August isnt that far away, right? Merry Christmas!! x
  4. modern_day_prophet


    Would love to do the Winter Solider for this year.... But its a long time away yet so its just an idea right now tbh... Wouldnt even know how to go about it really. There is much research to be done....
  5. modern_day_prophet

    General Chat ^.^

    Not gonna lie - i forgot this forum was a thing after the 2014 show tbh, so I havent been on in ages!! Hope everyones doing good this Christmas time and are getting the gift of sci-fi or horror goodness this year - I'm personally holding out for the Battlestar Galactica Vault Compendium Book i've been after (I've been dropping enough hints to the family lol). I'll make a point of coming on here more often in future too, cos everyones been really cool on here in the past, and i look forward to hearing what everyones plans are for the 2015 show Cosplay-wise, etc.....
  6. modern_day_prophet

    So what did everybody buy?

    The Viper is what im the most jealous of. Couldnt find a single "new" Galactica thing at any of the stalls - only saw a Starbuck doll from the 70's one really so that Viper is a nice score. Well Done :)
  7. modern_day_prophet

    Photos & Videos

    Great photos these :)
  8. modern_day_prophet

    General Chat

    Likewise. Yesterday when i was flush, it was all Handmade Burger Co. £13 - now after the purchase of many, MANY things yesterday, its all - mmm lets got to McDonalds £2.99. Ahh so many stall, so little £ left!!
  9. modern_day_prophet

    General Chat

    En route to Day 2 just now. Oh, yes!
  10. modern_day_prophet

    General Chat

  11. modern_day_prophet

    General Chat

    Cool, man. Shame after all the chatting on here, we dont get to run into each other - due to your having to leave really early for your family thing. You doing tomorrow? Ill be here with different mates so i get to come twice in a row :)!
  12. modern_day_prophet

    General Chat

    Leaving in like 5 minutes to come get my McBreakfast on. Look out for a stout dude in a green army jacket whose putting away the McMuffins like theres no tomorrow. That'll be moi, fueling up for a day of walking around the arena, buying things he really shouldnt. Oh, yes.
  13. modern_day_prophet


    Probably should be in bed seeing as how theres only like 9 hours till doors but cant sleep - I'm excited more than any self respecting adult male should be at this point
  14. modern_day_prophet

    glasgow guests

    Yeah this is the way to look at it i think - respect for the consideration shown in the last few comments above.. Im of the same opinion... Very saddened by Kristanna's situation and that obv she cannot come (who would?) and hopefully Dave's reason for cancelling is something a little more positive like a casting or the like. But theres no denying Kristanna was THE main attraction for me to go this year, so as a result ill be looking to the stalls to keep my attention and meeting all the lovely cosplayers for pics - theyres gonna be some crackers this year it seems so its still gonna be a great time, but yeah, sad to hear of this...
  15. modern_day_prophet

    Guest Cancellation - Kristanna Loken

    im out.