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  1. Lovely guy. Met him a few years back. He's got a great sense of humour.
  2. There is something fishy about his character performances though. Highly memorable screen presence. Hypothetically, I would have set the self destruct and destroyed the ship in R1, before Vader and the goon squad got on board.
  3. Why decide? Get both! lol Dude, my wife will kill me. Lol.
  4. It's like a mini reunion. Cool.
  5. Super news. Thank you. Big question now is, do I ask the R1 guests to sign my Bluray (when I get it), or a picture?
  6. I'm so having my THX tin box of Hellraiser & Hellbound thingy signed. I'll need to dig it out from whatever box it's in though. Super guest. Thank you so much.
  7. Guest Cancellation - Al Lampert

    Aww... He would have been a good one, too. Next time.
  8. That's magic. I felt really bad for Raddus at the end of Rogue One. This is a great guest. Thank you so much.
  9. Wonderful. Hopefully I won't **** off the que behind me, when I ask her a million and one questions. That happened with Michael Bein.
  10. Agreed We always love the Original Trilogy guests. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting him.
  11. Wow. I found hell bound disturbing. Great guest.
  12. Guest suggestions

    Bruce Campbell. I've been asking for years now. Please. Please!
  13. May I just apologise to everyone who was behind me in the queue for Sean on Saturday. I was the first person that day to select a Twoflower picture to be signed, and he couldn't think of a cool quote to write. He then went on his phone to find a quote and even asked his followers on Twitter. I went back an hour or so later to have him finish signing my picture when I found a cool quote. Sorry again. Sorry....
  14. I agree with dodef. He was such a nice guy. An amazing guest. Look forward to meeting him again sometime.
  15. Met him yesterday. I have no shame in telling you I had tears in my eyes when I was waiting in the queue. Legend. So happy he came to Glasgow. Thank you again.