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  1. ANY of the "Final girls" from the Friday The 13th series
  2. Good grief, I hear you. You have stated your reason for wanting the venue to remain and I understand it but I have no intention getting into a debate on equal opportunities even though I taught the subject for years. I have already mentioned my wheelchair bound friend but this is diverting us from the many points I raised, one of which was the venue. This is not a personal dig so please stop trying to make it sound like one. Yet again . If a change of venue to the SECC is a possibility it should be explored. A smattering of the type of guests that London & Birmingham attract and one last thing......... a safety issue. I would hate to try and evacuate that arena last weekend in a hurry.
  3. Oh and yes, I've also been to many events in London, having organised a few and see no good reason why the same thing can't be done in Glasgow. Oh and in case anyone wonders why I'm not organising any in Glasgow, I simply don't have the time. Let's try and keep things constructive instead of biting at anyone who criticises the status quo
  4. Just for the record, I've attended every single Glasgow based event since they started a long time ago. There's no need for a rant like the one above. I have always enjoyed such events and would love to see Scotland get the kind of convention it so justly deserves. This is meant to be a forum for constructive criticism and suggestions and a move of venue is a valid one.
  5. I'm glad to see so many people agree that Braehead, as convenient as it is, is just too small. If Showmasters are serious about expansion then the SECC is the obvious choice. My friend uses a wheelchair and has been to the SECC countless times so that's not an issue. There's no need to harp on about bigger guests, more cost because everyone knows that. The bottom line is if the show doesn't expand it'll die. I know that, for me, last Sunday was my last visit due to the overcrowding.
  6. Oh and one more thing. The biggest and longest running film series ever is BOND and it's British. Many of the Bond girls live in Britain and quite a few in Scotland yet they're rarely represented here. I'd like to know why that is ?
  7. I repeat my main gripes. The arena is now too small for such an event despite the great location The "excuse" for not having bigger star guests has always been the amount of attendees. The crowds are bigger than ever so why not more "big" names ? Very little actual film memorabilia and by that I mean original posters, stills, front of house sets, lobby cards etc. and yes.............. there were loads of "toys"
  8. Well said Daniel. Don't kid us. There is still a huge market for a Buffy/Angel event but it has to be done right with a few big name posted early on. If you build it they will come :) but don't blame it on lack of an audience because it's simply not true
  9. It's very simple Bond girls More horror guests. Horror always sells so come on !! Lord Of the Rings guests and that's it
  10. I popped in on Sunday, not to meet any guests but to see if there was any memorabilia to pick up. Aside from a model maker, one guy selling unofficial DVDs and one original poster stall, it was all geared at kids. It's more of a fantasy based toy store than anything else now. Granted there were a few decent guests but I stress A FEW. Englund is great but he's been here three times now. I keep hearing how the event will grow and bigger guests will arrive but WHEN ? From what I see the event has grown, I could hardly bloody move for the crowds. So when do we see the type of guests London and many of the other shows see ? Oh one more thing, the arena is just too small now. It's a great location with parking and the mall but it's a freakin nightmare trying to move. It may be that I've seen it all having attended and organised a few events over the last twenty years but I remain unimpressed so far.
  11. Dave is a nice guy but his health isn't the best so if he sometimes seems quiet, give him a break.
  12. I'm well aware of her memories of the film. I've spoken to her about it in the past and she wasn't "forced" into anything. Many actresses regret things the might have done early in their career. It's a nasty scene but it's mean to be.
  13. Nice one. I don't care about Dr Who. She was in one of the best British horror films ever made. Blood On Satans Claw :)
  14. Gunnar Hansen (The Original Leatherface ) Anyone from Buffy/Angel Joanna Lumley Peter Wyngarde ( Jason King ) Jenny Agutter
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