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  1. Had an absolute blast at this one - Obviously, Michael Biehn being there was a huge plus for me and the rest of the UKCM; but seeing just how massively popular the Cosplay scene has become over the years is great, and some of the costume making and prop building talent on display is always the best part of a con for me!
  2. There was a bigger range of stalls this year than I've seen before - Albeit some are of questionable relevance to the target audience, I suppose if they make money they'll be back and if they didn't, they won't! Lots of Funko Pop figures, and some good deals ( As well as the odd chancer ), and some really cool merch from the artists, crafters and makers I've been watching get more and more popular at Glasgow's local events over the last few years.
  3. AFAIK, both Masquerades were filmed on decent kit, and will be posted on the Costume And Play Facebook and websites.
  4. That was badass, dude, if you're the guy I think you are. Epic win, well played, sir!
  5. Sam is going to remind Showmasters that we have the hive - It's at their disposal should anyone wish to get photos in front of it. I doubt that there'll be much opportunity for pics with Mr Biehn there, but you never know! It's up to him, his agent, and Showmasters. I wouldn't advise everyone bugging Michael about it though, let's let it happen through proper channels if it's going to.
  6. Hey guys - Sorry for the inactivity, I've had a hell of a year thus far and was on a bit of a hiatus... I can confirm that the UKCM now WILL be attending Film And Comic Con Glasgow ( Thank you, Chantelle and Zoe for sorting it out! ) Not certain yet how much space we'll have, but I'm told we'll have at least one table, maybe two, so we /should/ have the hive display back in all it's icky glory, for any photos you guys wanna take in front of it :) I've had a sideways move within the UKCM, so Sam / Boltie / Amber-The-Alien is now in charge of the Hadrian's Wall squad itself, so I'll prod her in this direction and make sure y'all are kept informed as plans progress! And thanks for the geek love! We love that you love us
  7. For future reference, there is a lift directly opposite the main Arena entrance, and you CAN get into the upstairs section that route, albeit it's a bit of doubling back, and you might need to ask staff to open some doors upstairs...
  8. Was good to meet you in the icky flesh at last, albeit briefly, Claymore61! That costume is insane!
  9. Yup, we'll have our display table of props and costumes again, and the Alien hive backdrop for chestburster pics :)
  10. Aaaargh! It's 4:15am, I'm still painting stuff! This is what happens when you have Collectormania the week before another event, then you're DJing a geek party ( In Walkabout ) the week after THAT, then the weekend after THAT you have a DayZ zombie special at your Airsoft site for which you need to make ~90 LARP-safe melée weapons for under £3 each, and ~30 zombie masks... ammadie. SEE YOU ALL ON SATURDAY!! ( And yes, we will have the Alien hive for more photos, assuming wherever we're put has space - We don't know where we'll be yet, but we DO have a table! ) (( Stockingfairy - Still on for Borderlands group pics on Sunday, right? ))
  11. Nice one! I suspect he's gonna have some good stories to tell!
  12. You don't need to do a skit - Usually, you'll just come out to your chosen song, and answer some questions... But being as any time I've judged, we've marked on craftsmanship, accuracy and performance, being in character can sometimes tip the scales towards a win if two costumes are of similar quality and resemblance to the reference material.
  13. ( Reverend thing = Long story. Short version : Universal Life church = Legit thing where you can be ordained online. I can marry people ) Cap'n - You sign up at the Cosplay desk, providing reference pice and music if need be. Then you go on stage, show off your costume, tell the host a bit about it, and hopefully win some schwaaag.
  14. ( Psst... You realise that this is me, right, Swany? )
  15. TBH, the most embarrassing thing that's been said to me when in costume is "Thank you!" A few of us had our BDUs on ( Camouflage trousers / shirts ) whilst we travelled overseas a few years ago, and we were mistaken for genuine military. That was awkward!
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