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  1. Loved Raddus and Two Tubes this is an awesome guest announcement, will be there for sure now!
  2. Great guest, met him in Wales a couple of years ago and he was so funny and delivered the best panel of the weekend!
  3. Looking forward to meeting you again Gerald, met in Essen a couple of years ago. If you are free on Saturday night, my Star Wars themed band are performing in town
  4. Michael Biehn and Billy & Corey Dee Williams.
  5. May need to get the band in for a clock face photo.
  6. Will hopefully make it down for this as well as CE3.
  7. Hi there, Can a moderator advise whether it would be alright to promote a show on the Collectormania Glasgow forum? We are Star Wars themed band playing in Glasgow on 22nd August and would offer money off entry for people with tickets for Collectormania. Tried emailing but never heard back. Thanks Greig
  8. Vanessa Marshall from Star Wars Rebels Any of the cast from The Warriors
  9. Yes he is but he turned to the Dark Side!
  10. Carpenter would be awesome but would be great to get likes of Tobe Hooper, Gunnar Hansen, Bruce Campbell, Corey Feldman, Joe Dante, Ken Foree along too.
  11. Please please please get Masaaki Sakai from Monkey.
  12. Had an absolute blast yesterday and Lance Henrikson really dug my costume and tried phoning my wife after I hung up on her to get a picture with him. https://fbcdn-sphoto...018484986_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...179158208_n.jpg
  13. Sad news but agree that hopefully another horror legend can replace him
  14. Corey Feldman at the Fringe, what are the chances for Collectormania?
  15. My friend was an extra in World War Z and had no previous experience.
  16. I'll be there, this will be my second Collectormania Glasgow.
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