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  1. 10/10 awsome guest for Glasgow ...
  2. filmcell

    Nick Hopkins (franks Autophgraphs) RIP

    awwwww.... so sad.... was such a lovely chap... always had a chat at the shows with him in glasgow...
  3. filmcell

    Leonard nimoy rip

    rip spock...
  4. always welcome in Glasgow...
  5. here is the tv bit for collectormania , its quite good. not sure how to embed into the post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvnbGglAOVA
  6. filmcell

    Money for the Day

    cash machine close to the door , but be prepared for a massive q....
  7. if your looking for a hotel for the weekend , they still have availability. and its a 5 min walk to breahead arena. Travel Lodge Breahead Hotel. everyelse is fully booked cant work out how to post a direct link ?? ...
  8. filmcell

    Omg it's been heaving all day!

    Ahhhh feet up time ...... What a super busy show today .
  9. thought i would bump this again to get you in the mood
  10. filmcell

    Not Long now 7 days to go !

    Not Long now 1 day to go !!!!! and counting !!!!!
  11. filmcell

    Newbie here!

    stand and q, and q`s are never that big...... might be 5-10 min wait.
  12. filmcell

    Not Long now 7 days to go !

    I'm mean Not Long now 2 days to go !!!!! and counting !!!!!