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  1. Mira Sorvino Lisa Kudrow Vincent Ventresca Janeane Garofalo Elaine Hendrix Alan Cumming Camryn Manheim Julia Campbell Justin Theroux
  2. The cast of "Kes".

    It would be good to meet them, such as David Bradley who played Billy, Robert Naylor who played MacDowall, Freddie Fletcher who played Jud, e.t.c.
  3. Hotels

    Has anyone stayed in the Hilton near Olympia, or is anyone planning on staying there this year?. I was thinking of booking a room there.
  4. He has done convention appearances before, and I heard that he was going to appear at a Showmasters event ( I think it was in 2012?) and then he cancelled. He posted on his Facebook page recently that he is interested in appearing at some more conventions this year. I hope he can come to the London Film And Comic Con.
  5. Edward Norton.

    I would love to meet him. He has done convention appearances before.
  6. Kevin Sussman

    He is great in The Big Bang Theory and he has a small, funny role in Burn After Reading. He has attended conventions in America recently.
  7. Ricky Schroder

    He was great in The Champ and My Son Johnny. I hope he can come to a Showmasters event.
  8. Joe Gilgun Vicky McClure Stephen Graham Thomas Turgoose Andrew Ellis Andrew Shim Hannah Walters Perry Fitzpatrick Chanel Creswell Rosamund Hanson Michael Socha Danielle Watson Johnny Harris Jo Hartley Joe Dempsie
  9. Tom Wilson

    I hope he can come back again this year.
  10. Brad Greenquist

    I hope Brad can come back to a Showmasters event this year. Unfortunately, I was in hospital last time he was at the London Film And Comic Con in 2015. It would be great to have an opportunity to meet him. I've been wanting to meet him for years.
  11. John Cusack

    He has been a guest at other conventions recently, and appeared at film screenings with Q and A's. I hope he can be invited to a Showmasters Event too.
  12. Barry Williams

    He played Greg Brady in "The Brady Bunch". He is appearing at another convention in America this weekend. He is interested in appearing at Showmasters events.
  13. Doug Hutchison

    I thought he was great in "The Green Mile" and "I Am Sam". I would love to meet him. He was also in "CSI Crime Scene Investigation", "Law And Order" and "Lost".
  14. Brad Greenquist

    I really hope he can come back in 2018 ☺.
  15. I've only seen him in the film "Selena", but I would like to meet him to talk about that film.