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  1. Brad Greenquist Tim Roth and Jack Roth
  2. I have already met Tim's son Jack and I would like to meet him again. I haven't met Tim yet, but I would like to.
  3. I really hope that Brad Greenquist will come back. He attended London Film And Comic Con in 2015. I missed it as I was in hospital at the time. I have wanted to meet him for years.
  4. I would like to meet Brad Greenquist who played Victor Pascow in Pet Sematary. He was at London Film And Comic Con in 2015 but I missed it because I was in hospital. I hope he will attend another Showmasters event.
  5. Is that the one that was made in the 80's?.
  6. Joker Frozen 2 Little Women The Invisible Man Brahms:The Boy 2 The Call Of The Wild The Grudge Harley Quinn:Birds Of Prey Bombshell The Gentleman Judy The Personal History Of David Copperfield Sonic The Hedgehog Military Wives A re-release of Labyrinth.
  7. I would like to meet him. Pretty In Pink and Mannequin are my favourite films of his and he has been in lots of other great films and tv shows.
  8. Amazing. Where and when did you meet Corin Nemec?. I would like to meet him ☺
  9. I was wondering how people decide whether to buy just an autograph or just a photo at the photoshoot or both?. And do you plan what you are going to say to the guests before you meet them?.And how do you decide which days you will get the autographs and photographs on ?. Also, do you think it helps to tell the guests or anyone that works at the convention that you have anxiety or a disability?. I have anxiety and Asperger's Syndrome.
  10. I would like to meet him. I like Harry Potter, Cracker and Danny The Champion Of The World.
  11. Dale Midkiff Denise Crosby Brad Greenquist Blaze Berdahl Miko Hughes Andrew Hubatsek
  12. I hope that Brad Greenquist can attend a Showmasters event again. He was in Pet Sematary. He played Victor Pascow.
  13. I would love to meet him.
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