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  1. Beth

    John Cusack

    He has been appearing at a lot of conventions and film screenings in America recently. I hope he can come to a Showmasters event too.
  2. Beth

    Giovanni Ribisi

    I would love to meet him. He was great in Ted and Ted 2.
  3. Beth

    Seth MacFarlane

    I would like to meet him as I like his work in Family Guy, American Dad, Ted and Ted 2, etc.
  4. Beth

    alan cumming as a guest.

    I would like to meet him too. I liked his performances in Spiceworld and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.
  5. Are you going tomorrow instead?.
  6. Beth

    Favourite musicals

    West Side Story Carousel The Sound Of Music Oliver Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chicago Oklahoma The Glenn Miller Story
  7. Would it be better to buy a diamond pass to meet Val?. I'm just wondering if I might miss the chance to meet him if I don't get a diamond pass?. I'm sure there will be lots of people there to meet him.
  8. Beth

    Hadley Kay

    He also did the voice of Dark Heart in Care Bears Movie 2, and worked on Inspector Gadget, etc.
  9. Beth

    Hadley Kay

    He is a great actor/voice actor. I would love to meet him.
  10. Beth

    70s and 80s Movie LEGENDS

    Steve Guttenberg, Brad Greenquist, Isabelle Huppert and Elizabeth McGovern. They were all in "The Bedroom Window" together. It's a great film. They have been in other great films and tv shows too. There are lots of people on your list who I would like to meet.
  11. Beth

    Keith Gordon

    I hope he can. He was at another convention in America with other members of the cast of the film. "Christine" is a very popular film directed by John Carpenter and the story was by Stephen King. Keith was brilliant in the main role of Arnie. He played a main role in "Back To School" too. He is also a director.
  12. Beth

    Guests of all types of genres

    That's a good idea.
  13. Beth

    Brad Greenquist

    I have been wanting to meet him for years. I hope he can go to London Film And Comic Con this month, please Showmasters! ☺.
  14. Beth

    Adrian Edmondson

    I missed the opportunity to meet him in Birmingham recently. It would be great to have an opportunity to meet him at London Film And Comic Con this month, if possible.
  15. I really wanted to go and meet Adrian last weekend, but I haven't been feeling well. I hope he will do some more convention appearances. What was he like when people met him?. I love "The Young Ones", "Bottom", "Guest House Paradiso", and also "Drop Dead Fred" that Rik Mayall was in. I wish I could have met Rik too.