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  1. The cast of the Halloween films and Harvey Stephen's and Jonathan Scott Taylor from The Omen films.
  2. The cast of "The Shining", the cast of the original "IT" from 1990 and the cast of "Misery".
  3. She was in Lovesick, Racing With The Moon, Once Upon A Time In America, She's Having A Baby, The Bedroom Window, Downton Abbey, etc. It would be great to meet her.
  4. Cheryl Chase Melanie Chartoff E.G Daily Cree Summer Kath Soucie Nancy Cartwright Hank Azaria Yeardley Smith Dan Castellanetta Julie Kavner Billy West Constance Shulman Fred Newman Becca Lish Justin Shenkarow Francesca Marie Smith Jamal Smith Christopher P Walberg Sam Gifaldi Toran Caudell Phillip Van Dyke Hadley Kay Susan Blu Seth MacFarlane
  5. Alan was supposed to appear at London Film And Comic Con last year. Will he still be appearing there this year?.
  6. The cast of 'Christine'. The cast of the original 'Pet Sematary' from 1989. The cast of the original 'Carrie' from 1976. The cast of the original 'Nightmare On Elm Street' from 1984. Most of the actors from these films have appeared at conventions before so it might be possible to invite them for a Showmasters event soon.
  7. Brad Greenquist Billy West Tom Wilson Lea Thompson Keith Gordon Alexandra Paul Alex Winter Kiefer Sutherland Jason Patric Jamison Newlander Corey Feldman Billy Wirth Winona Ryder Fairuza Balk Skeet Ulrich Dave Sheridan Jon Abrahams
  8. Brilliant. I hope Tom Wilson and Lea Thompson will also be at London Film And Comic Con this year. I would love to meet Tom again and I haven't met Lea yet and I would love to meet her.
  9. Sissy Spacek Nancy Allen John Travolta Edie McClurg Amy Irving William Katt Piper Laurie
  10. Keith Gordon Alexandra Paul John Stockwell Malcolm Danare William Ostrander
  11. Anthony Michael Hall Robert Downey Jr James Spader Rob Lowe Andrew McCarthy Jud Nelson Emilio Estevez Ally Sheedy Molly Ringwald Demi Moore
  12. It would be great to meet either the cast from the original film from 1961 or the cast of the new film.
  13. I hope he can come to another Showmasters event again.
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