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  1. SSiebum

    Films watched in 2018

    Just saw Mortal Engines and Widows today! Absolutely loved Mortal Engines. I liked Widows but felt like nothing really happened and I also almost fell asleep, oops.
  2. SSiebum

    Films watched in 2018

    I just watched Miss Sloane, been on my watchlist for ages. I loved it!!! Jessica Chastain is an incredible actress.
  3. SSiebum

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil, True Blood) Charlie Cox (Daredevil) Wilson Bethel (Daredevil, Hart of Dixie)
  4. Great guest!! Loved meeting him at LFCC back in 2017. I'm definitely considering going to Birmingham for him (and Jessica).
  5. So tempted to go since I didn't buy a photo with her at LFCC and still regret it!
  6. SSiebum

    Films watched in 2018

    I saw Christopher Robin, Crazy Rich Asians, The Meg and Searching yesterday. My favourites were definitely Searching (I highly recommend this one) and Christopher Robin, but also very much enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians.
  7. SSiebum

    Guest interactions.

    All the guests I've met (Aly Michalka, Nathalie Emmanuel, Zachary Levi) were all so kind and amazing. I got photos with all three and got Zach's autograph for a friend of mine who adores him so much but couldn't make it.
  8. SSiebum

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Highs. Aly Michalka. I am so incredibly happy she was at LFCC this past weekend because I've been waiting for so long to meet her and it was an amazing experience and my photo turned out great. So thank you Showmasters for inviting her! Also loved meeting Nathalie Emmanuel and Zachary Levi, they were so kind and just amazing in general. Lows. I wish there were more Marvel guests and the queue on Saturday to get in was awful in my opinion.
  9. SSiebum

    Up in 5s

  10. SSiebum

    Films watched in 2018

    I liked it but lots of scenes were very dark which made it hard to see what was going on really.
  11. Hoping it's one of the Toms or maybe Elizabeth Olsen, I would absolutely love to meet her!!
  12. SSiebum

    Films watched in 2018

    watched Deepwater Horizon yesterday.