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  1. Just thinking of looking at booking next years summer break and was wondering when the dates for LFCC Summer are released?
  2. I have a photo question. I was really happy with all my photos bar one. I'd have expected the same format to have been used by all the photographers. All bar one took the photos waist up but the Saturday John Barrowman shoot was more chest up and more close up. Is that the photographers personalizing and could I do anything to prevent it in future?
  3. I have batch 1 for Alex Kingston which is showing as likely for the morning. I have to leave at 5pm and the late sho this after 6pm. Is it highly likely that batch 1will get in for the early shoot?
  4. Is it possible to request that photographs aren't zoomed in too much? I wasn't too happy with my photos from March as they seemed very close up, would rather them be maybe waist up as at previous events.
  5. Some great choices, add Richard Franklin and John Legend for a UNIT photo with Katy. Plus, not a companion, but Sir Derek Jacobi to add to my Master collection.
  6. Thank you. Only my second LFCC and my first summer one, and don't want to end up missing out on one of my photos.
  7. I have photos with John Barrowman and Christopher Eccleston on Saturday which clash both morning and afternoon. I'm block 7 for John Barrowman and block 4 for Christopher Eccleston. Would I be able to do Christopher Eccleston on the morning shoot with a block 4 ticket which would solve the problem.
  8. I worked with Bernard on Last of the Summer Wine years ago, it would be nice to catch up with him.
  9. Had a photo with him in Carlisle last year, will get it signed this time.
  10. I've read that it isn't permissible to bring a drink in to the event. Is this correct? A friend has health issues and needs to drink regularly. Also on a similar line, can a small deodorant be brought in?
  11. Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, Bill Nighy, David Warner, Miriam Margoyles, Warwick Davies, Vicki Michelle, Guy Henry, Jenna Redgrave, Old Unit (Katy Manning, John Levene & Richard Franklin)
  12. Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, James Cosmo, Iain Glenn, Bill Nighy, Warwick Davies, Guy Henry, Hugh Quarshie, Jemma Redgrave, Katy Manning, John Levene & Richard Franklin
  13. Is it possible to buy photos on the day? My train gets in to Euston at 9.10 and then behave right across London and check in. Highly likely i will be too late for Iain s doing want to pre-purchase but if I was in time would I be able to buy a photo shoot in arrival?
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