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  1. Miriam Margolyes Catherine Tate Sharon D Clarke Vinette Robinson Lenny Henry Tommy Knight Daniel Anthony Yasmin Paige Alex Kingston Freema Agyman Noel Clarke Anthony Daniels Jo Martin Jim Parsons
  2. Now I really want to go! I’ve loved Sascha in Doctor Who so far
  3. I can honestly say that Jodie and David are my two favourite people to have met. Jodie was upbeat and friendly. David was really kind and just like I’d hope he’d be. I hope you get the chance to meet them at some point @maegurwen
  4. I have photos with doctors 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, War, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. I also met David Bradley a couple of years ago. I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve met all living doctors!
  5. I attended LFCC on the Saturday this year and I had a great time (as always!): Alex Kingston - My convention weekend didn’t have the best of starts with Alex’s cancellation. I had been to pick up my diamond pass for her on Friday and was so excited to meet her. This is especially the case as my autograph book which i’ve had for five years is River Song’s diary and her signature still isn’t in it! I know that cancellations are inevitable at big events but I would really like to meet her at an LFCC one day. John Barrowman - He was exactly as I had imagined him to be. He was both fun and kind at his table and in the photo studio. I told him I was so pleased he was there and his simple reply was “No place else to go!” Jenna Coleman - I met Jenna at my first ever convention five years ago so I was really looking forward to meeting her again. The queue for her autograph was a bit of a nightmare but I eventually got to see her. I told her that she was the first person I had ever met at a convention and her table was sat alongside the late great John Hurt and her reply was “oh, what a dude”. She was fairly quiet when meeting her compared to other guests but she was very kind. Charlie Sheen - After My Diamond Pass refund I had £85 burning a whole in my pocket and Two and a Half Men is one of my favourite sitcoms so I made the spur of the moment decision to meet Charlie when he had an open queue. He felt like a real star when I met him - he strutted in to his signing area after a photo shoot with his sunglasses on - but it was an honour to meet him. He shook my hand and thanked me for coming. I was so pleased I met him!
  6. This cancellation was so disappointing to hear but cannot be helped. It was felt particularly harder for me as I saved up for two diamond passes and was reduced to one!
  7. She was one of my dream guests for this year! I’m in the process of buying a diamond pass now
  8. John is my only diamond pass this year and I am so excited to meet him! I’m hoping he lives up to the praise that he gets
  9. Alex Kingston - I would love to meet her!
  10. I was just going to suggest Karen Gillan! She seems to be in the UK according to her instagram. I would absolutely love to meet her for both her Doctor Who and Marvel roles
  11. I wish he was going Saturday. I can’t attend on Friday but would love to meet him
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