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  1. WilfMott

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    After just finishing rewatching series 4 of Doctor Who, I would love for Catherine Tate or Freema Agyeman to be announced. I have really fond memories of those two in the programme (it was the point at which I became a proper fan) and I haven't met either of them before. Also, both would make great group photos with John Barrowman and Bernard Cribbins who are already announced - a Stolen Earth/Journey's End reunion!
  2. WilfMott

    Guest Suggestions

    My dream guest list would include: Freema Agyeman Sharon D Clarke (I can’t attend the spring event so I hope she will come back for summer) Carole Ann Ford Michelle Gomez Louise Jameson Alex Kingston Terry Molloy Eric Roberts Vinette Robinson (again I cant attend spring unfortunately!) Michelle Ryan Dan Starkey Catherine Tate Yee Jee Tso I’d also love to meet any characters from series 11 of Doctor Who. I’ve notice some cropping up in other convention websites such as Samuel Oatley (Tim Shaw), David Shields (Ronan) and Leena Dhingra (Umbreen). I know they might seem a bit niche for a convention as big as LFCC but I would love if they could attend.
  3. WilfMott

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit are both excellent stories. I watched this episode as it aired when I was young so although they are extremely well made, I am still put off because of how much Toby scared me when I was 8! Does anyone else have Doctor Who episodes that they know are great but their mind still screams “DON’T WATCH IT!”?
  4. WilfMott

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I love Tooth and Claw. I’d be interested to know which side characters you are not fond of
  5. WilfMott

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I agree with you on these episodes. Harriet Jones is definitely the standout element. She’s such a strong character who I was so pleased to see her return later on
  6. WilfMott

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I understand why the fandom is so against that plastic bin but I do think it is focused on a bit too much. The concept is daft and the CGI hasn’t stood the test of time but when me and my brother watched it at ages 7 and 9 we thought it was so hilarious! I’m glad you’ve now made it to the modern series. I can really interact with your marathon now. I agree with you on The End of the World. I loved the contrast between the first and second episode. It wasn’t a very memorable storyline but with so many different aliens to see the episode always stands out in my memory. Poor Moxx of Balhoon!
  7. WilfMott

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHARON D CLARKE

    I wasn’t planning on coming to LFCC Spring but with Grace attending, I am really tempted!
  8. WilfMott

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Highs Christopher Eccleston - I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous to meet Eccleston as he hadn't done conventions before. He was also my first Diamond pass that I had ever bought so I knew I'd spent a lot of money to get the opportunity of meeting him. He was so friendly and seemed to be having a good time interacting with the fans. I hope that as a result of LFCC 2018 he will attend more conventions in the future. Matt Smith - I never thought that I would be able to meet the likes of Matt Smith in the UK. He seems to do a lot of conventions in America so I thought I would have to travel to get the opportunity but Showmasters delivered! I purchased my second Diamond pass ever in order to meet him and it was well worth it. Such a genuinely nice guy to meet and full of energy. David Tennant - It is because of David Tennant that I had both the best and the most stressful part of the convention. I was sat in a cafe in Central London when he was announced and I couldn't believe my eyes. As much as I love a lot of the Doctors, David Tennant is my Doctor. With a very low battery on my phone and the website crashing it was very stressful but I managed to get my third Diamond pass (before this year's LFCC I had never had a Diamond pass before and I ended up with three!). Meeting David Tennant has to be the best moment I have ever had at a convention. They always say never meet your heroes but he was everything I hoped for and more. It's also worth saying that although getting the pass on the website had its problems, meeting David on the day wasn't stressful in the slightest thanks to the organisation and the crew that were with him. Steven Moffat - For such an important part of Doctor Who production, he was a thrill to meet and such a reasonable price. It was nice that someone who I expected to pay much more for an autograph from was more accessible. Other convention goers - When I came to my first LFCC in 2014, I was very shy and didn't really speak to anyone. A mixture of getting older and becoming more used to the convention environment allowed me to speak to some amazing fans of Doctor Who, including the guy who has every living Doctor's signature tattooed on his arm from the Graham Norton show in 2013! Olympia - The building and layout is perfect for the convention. The natural light is really appreciated and in the heat over the weekend, I thought it managed really well. Lows Diamond Pass Chain - I hadn't had a Diamond pass before this year so I didn't really know what to expect regarding the quality of the passes themselves. I loved the plastic card with the photographs of the stars on but the chain that came with them kept coming apart during the convention which I found quite worrying. I didn't want to lose something that I had spent so much money on! I ended up buying a lanyard from a stall to keep them secure around my neck. Something that I had thought of that Showmasters could improve on is making the Diamond pass cards debit/credit card sized. This would mean that they could be kept in a wallet or purse during the convention (and afterwards if people wanted to!) but they would also save on plastic. Given the amount of passes I saw around people's necks over the weekend, I bet a lot of plastic would be saved! The Number of Diamond Passes - As I have said, this was the first year that I have bought Diamond passes and I was surprised at how many were sold per guest. I know that Showmasters has to make a profit to keep doing these conventions for us but I was a bit worried that I wasn't going to get the autographs I had been guaranteed on purchase. Although Matt Smith was great to meet, it did feel very rushed, especially as I had spent so much money on meeting him. Similarly, there was talk in the queue for Christopher Eccleston that he might not get through all his diamond passes and we may get a refund. Thankfully this didn't happen but the thought of it was both sad and stressful. Steven Moffat's Queue - I must stress that the crew managing Moffat's queue were really kind and helpful but I think he could have done with being put in a different place. I could tell by the reaction of his announcement that he was going to be popular so I think it would have been better if he was placed alongside Matt Smith against the back wall like Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford. This would have given the crew much more space to manage the queue. The Number of Doctor Who Guests - I only really attend conventions for Doctor Who guests (with the odd Star Wars and Harry Potter guest thrown in). I worry that because there was so many Doctor Who guests this year that there might not be as many in the next few years. I know that getting 8 Doctors at one convention won't happen again for a long time (if ever!) but I hope that this year being such as amazing convention for Doctor Who fans will not mean that Doctor Who is given a back seat for a while. Overall though, thank you to Showmasters for an amazing convention!
  9. WilfMott

    Who are you meeting!?

    This year I’m hoping to meet: Christopher Eccleston (Diamond Pass) Matt Smith (Diamond Pass) Peter Capaldi Steven Moffat Arthur Darvill Bonnie Langford Ingrid Oliver
  10. WilfMott

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Hi guys, I wondered if someone could advise me on my photoshoots for Sunday. I have: Matt Smith - Diamond Pass Christopher Eccleston - Diamond Pass Arthur Darvill - Batch 3 They are all quite close together in the morning so I just wondered if someone could advise what order to do them. I know that I might end up doing Arthur Darvill's photos in the afternoon with my Batch 3 but I'm working on the assumption that I could do the morning shoot so I'm fully prepared!
  11. WilfMott


    This is honestly a dream come true. I thought I would have to go to America to meet the likes of Matt Smith but Showmasters have brought him to London. My weekend was already shaping up to be brilliant but now it is out of this world. I am still in shock about this announcement!
  12. WilfMott


    I can't believe it! But I can't find his diamond pass in the store!
  13. Arthur Darrell is such a great announcement! I haven't met him before but I can't wait. I'm pleased that LFCC is catering for the new Who era of Doctor Who
  14. I'm really pleased that Michelle has been announced for Sheffield. I haven't met her before so it will be great to get her autograph and a photo with her