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  1. It feels good to be excited about a big announcement again - 7 minutes to go!
  2. I wasn’t originally planning to go into LFCC on the Saturday because I won’t be in London until mid morning but after last week’s episode of Doctor Who I am going to make every effort to meet Jonathan. I thought his performance was amazing as the Sontarans and I have found myself muttering “I wanted to ride a horse” all week
  3. Please could someone tell me if Anjli Mohindra is still coming to LFCC next week? Completely understandable either way but the list at the top of this thread says she has moved to another event whereas she is still on the main website as attending on Saturday. I really want to meet Rani and Luke!
  4. Great thanks, I’ll order some and test it well in advance
  5. Hi, sorry if there is a more appropriate place to post a question like this but I am looking for some advice on what sort of pen to use for autographs and I’m hoping someone on here would be able to help. I recently bought a black series stormtrooper helmet and am hoping to get it signed by a few people at LFCC. The trouble is I tried a sharpie on a discreet part of it and it rubbed straight off, is there a pen that I can use that stays permanent on a surface such as a stormtrooper helmet? Thanks
  6. Sorry if this has come up in a discussion somewhere else but do we know how photo shoots will work with social distancing?
  7. I wish she could attend Sunday! She’s a brilliant actress and I would have loved to meet her
  8. I’d love for the following to be announced (though I think most of them are a long shot ): Jodie Whittaker Bradley Walsh Tom Holland Benedict Cumberbatch Jim Parsons Kaley Cuoco Lee Evans Michelle Ryan Karen Gillan Arthur Darvill Alex Kingston David Tennant Kenneth Branagh
  9. I can’t wait to meet Jo! She was so good in the last series!
  10. I must say I’m sad to see your marathon complete, it’s been great to have your reviews to read over and it’s influenced some of my classic viewing (where I don’t know as much). Maybe you could start it all over again to see if your opinions have changed over the last year and a half ). Whilst I haven’t agreed with some of your opinions it’s great to have read them. I have loved the Whittaker era so far, for example, but I think I’m biased as Jodie is from the same town as me, I saw some of the series 11 filming in Sheffield and I met Chris Chibnall at the red carpet premiere. To top it off, I could watch the series go out live for the first time in years as I work Saturday nights. It’s fair to say the production felt like it was geared towards my life! Chris Chibnall was such a genuinely nice man. He was very humble and clearly intelligent. I can’t help but like him and his work. I’ve sent him a couple of letters since meeting him and he’s kindly replied. But when I’m trying to be objective I am concerned about the conclusion to series 12. It did exactly what I thought should never happen: explain who the Doctor is. This said, when looking at Chris’ Broadchurch series plan, he often played the long game. I am holding judgement for now as I think there’s more to come on the subject. The surprises that we were treated to this last series (whether we like them or not) is something that also should be commended. In today’s day in age very little is kept secret but there was so much we didn’t know about. Even if we don’t love some of the creative choices, the Whittaker era has a strong logistic structure to keep a high quality production a secret. Again, thanks for writing the reviews, I look forward to your next project!
  11. Miriam Margolyes Catherine Tate Sharon D Clarke Vinette Robinson Lenny Henry Tommy Knight Daniel Anthony Yasmin Paige Alex Kingston Freema Agyman Noel Clarke Anthony Daniels Jo Martin Jim Parsons
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