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    Mark Hamill would be amazing.
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    Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people. QS, Roy, Vik, B, Chris, PCF, Reg, JBlem, MBlem, Dal, Fae, Rav, Moni, Bum, and I suppose also Ron. Also those I couldn't be bothered to remember. I don't mind tolerating most of you.
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    First of all.. the house/building was scary as it was..stone building with 6-700 years on its neck. Just that can trigger your imagination. What I understand they caught some sort of ”action”, what they called ”cold spots” but I thought the entire place was cold as it was. And may I add it was -7 outside. The only thing I heard was dragging noises, something sounding like footsteps and a door closing in a room next to the room we were in. They said that there is something there but if it is a haunting is another matter but it isnt quiet that is for sure. If I can give some advice..go to the loo before because these places usually dont have a working toilet. Now, soon on my way home and some brekkie and then a few hours of sleep. One more thing done on my bucket list.
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    Christmas present from the boyfriend; a picture from the movie ‘Skyfall’ of M, Bond and the DB5 in Scotland, signed by Judi Dench
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    Merry Christmas y'all! Hope you've had a lovely day xx
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Saoirse Ronan Elizabeth Banks Sam Claflin Paul Rudd Anna Kendrick Hailee Steinfeld
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    Well I decided to say 'sod it' and treated myself to a production used Hannibal prop and it finally arrived yesterday, it joins my signed production used Hannibal and Sherlock scripts on 'the shrine'
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    Latest Guest Announcement - Riz Ahmed Appearing: Saturday Autograph: £55 Photo Shoot: £55 Diamond Pass: £140 1 x autograph 1 x photo shoot 1 x gift Buy Tickets Now Rogue One - Bodhi Rook Venom - Carlton Drake/Riot The OA - Elias Rahim Jason Bourne - Aaron Kalloor Four Lions - Omar The Night Of - Nasir 'Naz' Khan Dead Set - Riq https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1859475
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    Well, wish me luck. I am going on this ghost hunting thingy this night. Will I find out if there is a life after this one? I let you know later.
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    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day!
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    Merry Christmas, ye filthy animals!
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    Merry Christmas Scumbags!
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    With apologies to all of our French users who I know have been greatly suffering from traffic issues: Santa resides in France? And to everyone: Merry Christmas!
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    Have a great Christmas everyone. May all your wishes come true.
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    I’m going to see Star Wars tonight woo!
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    It was our work Christmas party and Secret Santa yesterday. Maybe I talk about a certain Doctor far more than is actually healthy. Or someone knows me very well. Either way.
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    Disney released a Baby Yoda Spirit Jersey and a friend is buying for me. He just called from the store in Disneyland.
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    Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I get to do it all again today. Except this time I am not the guest but the hostess with the mostest! So.... oven on, apron on, bubbly in fridge. I'm good to go. Enjoy your festivities.
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    From me to all of you: please take care.
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    So safe to say, I’m attending LFCC Spring! Saturday Ticket booked and first photo shoot (Samantha Bond) purchased
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    Seeing Cats tonight and probably Star Wars tomorrow woop woop! Celebrating this weekend because I’ve just passed my last exam so I’m now officially a qualified dental nurse
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