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    Hope everyone’s keeping safe. Been told my job that was meant to be starting in May will now be delayed by a month. Let’s keep checking with our friends and hoping this’ll all be over within a month or two.
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    Now if we could just get Harrison Ford for a double photo shoot.
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    Kid and parents:
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    My company decided the best way to follow the Government's advice of locking yourself away at home and avoid any unnecessary travel was to immediately put me on a plane to go thousands of miles away where I can't even do any work. But my hotel room is nice and I have lots of movies to watch so it could be worse.
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    Nope (and eating a whole tube of Pringles isn’t either)
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    But they are starting to get a bit raw now.
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    Please tell me someone else has seen this, I am crying
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    How about Matthew Broderick? It could be a Ferris Bueller reunion as Alan Ruck is already attending.
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    Which one are you looking at? And I got this
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    I was surprised i got mines.... its like the Hunger games trying to get holidays.. especially fridays / sat and mondays. May the odds be ever in your favour!
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    How long to stay at home If you have symptoms If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you'll need to stay at home for 7 days. After 7 days: if you do not have a high temperature, you do not need to stay at home if you still have a high temperature, stay at home until your temperature returns to normal You do not need to stay at home if you just have a cough after 7 days. A cough can last for several weeks after the infection has gone.
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    I'm going to end up with a doctor who play list of doctors singing at this rate.
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    THE INVISIBLE MAN (2020) 4.5/5 (No spoilers) When I heard this movie was written by Leigh Whannell (SAW) I suspected it would be good. Whannell is a writer who really knows how to come up with good s*** and isn't just another predictable sell-out Hollywood hack. He and James Wan are two guys who worked really hard and their passion for writing their own great scripts without big budgets or special effects is really admirable. Furthermore Whannell is also an actor who didn't let his ego tempt him into casting himself in this film so I knew that was a sign of him treating this right. Additionally, I always thought writers turned directors sucked but Whannell really proved he's got some talent behind the camera as well as behind the keyboard. Firstly, do not watch the trailer as it gives away some of the jump scares. Secondly, yes, its way better than HOLLOW MAN (2000). But this isn't a remake of the Claude Rains mad-scientist 1933 original either but rather an updated hi-tech version of the character with added feminism and a political message concerning domestic abuse. What separates this film from past "invisible man" films (including the forgettable John Carpenter/Chevy Chase one) is this is a delicious cocktail of science-fiction horror-mystery-suspense-thriller with an added topping of cat and mouse psychological drama too. There are a few great twists and turns throughout the film, a couple I really didn't see coming which only affirms how well-written the screenplay is. It's very smart while smoothly weaving in political feminist themes without letting them over-shadow the main plot. The script sticks to its guns as a horror-thriller and is engaging from start to finish. On one hand the horror aspect reminded me of another "female-tormented-by-invisible-force" scare-fest, THE ENTITY (1982) and on the other hand a Wes Craven slasher movie (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, SCREAM). But this film differs in that we have a really clever and delightfully manipulative villain complete with edge-of-your-seat tension and scares and great musical score. Elizabeth Moss is amazing in the leading role too and not too dissimilar to Jodie Foster (while looking like Courtney Love). The only bad thing for me was the underwhelming climax which I think should have been played out more to give the audience a better sense of closure and satisfaction - we deserved a better pay-off. Also it would have been nice to know a bit more about the villain's work and how he acquired his invisibility tech. But despite that, THE INVISIBLE MAN is my favourite film this year and probably the best horror-thriller I've seen in ages and a definite buy on blu-ray for me. In fact I'll even say its one of the best horror remakes ever along with THE THING (1982), THE FLY (1986) and THE BLOB (1988).
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    So I decided to be Strax today, I’ve finally cracked...
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    There is a 'make an offer' button
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    Sofia Boutella. Please
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    As from Monday I’ll be home for at least a month since all musea and galleries are closed… plus side is my garden will look beautiful
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    On TV The BFG - Yes I know it's a kids film but it's funny. Easy way to while away time without putting any thought into it. 10/10 Paddington 2 - As above. 10/10. Hotel Transylvania - As above. 10/10. At The Cinema The Invisible Man - Very competent reboot of a classic story. Well written, well acted and most importantly it was actually scary. 10/10 Military Wives - A real feel good movie. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. Good performances all round. 9/10
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    You can have Jables, as long as the Rage Kage can be there too!
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    Started a John Wick Poster. Started with Jerome Flynn and Mark Dacascos
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    It’s got 1 day 23 hours if you are still interested
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    This looks like it might bite you on the bum!
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    Yeah and this time I gotta
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    Price tag schmice tag. Sometimes you just gotta.
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    It's sullied.
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    Not too bad thanks!
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    Hi Everyone With the world in flux at this time we just wanted to make clear our plans for this years Summer LFCC and Winter LCC and bring you all up to date with where we are as a company and how things are going in general. First off we plan to run London Film and Comic Con on July 24th, 25th and 26th. We will be keeping an eye on the spread of the virus over the next weeks ahead and will keep you informed of any changes. We should hopefully know where we are all at by the end of May or beginning of June. We will say,however, that this Summers LFCC will have a reduced footprint as some of the film releases that we had planned to have at the event have been moved and some of the other activities we had planned would need a greater run in time than we will have had this year. This means we will not need as much space as previous years. Also, other events that are held in the same venue are needing help to change their earlier dates, so giving up some of the rooms we use to help others just seemed to be the right thing to do this year! We had planned to announce at this years LFCC Summer our winter date for London Comic Con 2020, but with all the rearranging of dates going on we feel it’s better to announce this event now so other events can avoid it! So London Comic Con Winter will be held on 21st & 22nd of November at Olympia and we plan it to be a big event with some of the big film activities we had planned to bring to LFCC in the summer now moving to our winter event in Nov! So there is lots to still look forward to, the web page and facebook page will be live soon. We want you all to know that Showmasters is in a good solid place! We are a stable and sensible company so we will be with you through this and afterwards. All our main office staff are still employed and they will be until this passes. They have all been sent home to protect themselves but they are all ready to get going as soon as it’s safe and sensible to do so. The thing that makes us very different from many of the big events companies, and we think is one of our biggest assets, is we are all dedicated fans! We don't run Showmasters and Massive Events to just make lots of money. We do it to meet the guests we want to meet and run amazing events we can all be proud of and share with other fans. So, we very much look forward to celebrating with you the passing of these harsh times with some incredible guests announcement as soon as we are all in the clear! We have been talking to guests that we have wanted to bring to our events and as filming has stopped now and these productions will take much longer to get going again than normal due to the lack of studio stages, it is looking very promising and we are working to lock down some of the guests ASAP, so that will be exciting and give us all something to look forward to on the guest front. So our message to you is stay safe, take care of your family and we will see you all soon where we can once again create some fun times and amazing memories together. Take really good care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe Jason and the Showmasters family
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    It's not being postponed. See Blammo's post in the other thread
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    It kinda seems like you've just shoved everything behind your bed. That's cheating. I think if most of us here tried a forward roll, we would be dead now, so you did ok.
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    Not yet. But i'm sure there are companies who can supply one. Maybe
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    NHS? Whatever. What's really important are all the administrators at road sign manufacturers. They're the real heroes.
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    Hope everything works out.
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    A Capaldi a day keeps the boredom at bay.
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    Best wishes to you and your sister. A little something to make the 2 weeks pass more quickly.
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    Oh no take care and get well soon!
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    Working or coming on the forum more often? I'm only jealous because I don't have the working from home option. But there will be far less traffic.
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    Passengers. Decent film, very nice visuals. At the beginning why is he putting a jacket on to go and meet his fellow passengers? He's on a climate controlled spaceship. And at the end it's just as well that all those medical procedures she initiates that she has no idea about don't backfire. Also someone's going to get a shock when they find their rotting corpses.
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    I may get one at the end of the month depending how much I get and if anyone else is also announced by then but thanks for reminding me
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    I would like to meet him. Pretty In Pink and Mannequin are my favourite films of his and he has been in lots of other great films and tv shows.
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    Awesome. Fingers crossed for more Rocky Horror stars. It looks like I’ll be cosplaying as Dr Frank N Furter again
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    Latest Guest Announcement - Mark Pellegrino Appearing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday Autograph: £30 Photo Shoot: £30 Buy Tickets Now Lucifer / Nick - Supernatural Paul Bennett - Dexter Jacob - Lost Deputy Standall / Deputy Bill Standall - 13 Reasons Why Jack Winship - The Returned Dr. Jedikiah Price - The Tomorrow People James Bishop - Being Human (USA) Gavin Q. Baker III - The Closer https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0671032/
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    Sounds good!
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    Haha sounds like fun
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    I'm Pretty sure first for any SM Event - "we wanted to have this guest for 10 years."
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    Doug bradley aka pinhead
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    The saddest thing I’ve seen today is people bulk buying Nintendo Switches and selling them online for £700, found someone who has bought 25 from eBay today!
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    My daughter developed a cough this morning so we are all in isolation now for 2 weeks too. She's fine with it, I'm sure it's nothing, just a necessary precaution. Remind me, is daytime drinking frowned upon or have I imagined that?
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