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    Managed to get tickets for Lewis Capaldi concert next week. Can't wait
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    Today's achievement: Booking LFCC weekend off work.
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    Tickets booked LFCC 2020 here I come
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    I've built my snowman, thank you very much.
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    "Hello Clarice. Woofwoofwoof'
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    Recently booked my days. Plus hotel. Going to treat myself next year (that is I'm not trusting the trains as I've had them cancelled the previous 2 years).
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    Booked my tickets a few weeks ago, can't wait for July
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    She wants my balls, spikey or not, ok!?!? Hang on..!?!? That did not sound right!?
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    Tried... did not work out the way I wanted..hoped.. you know.
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    Go for a walk she said...
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    So, finally booked the flight. 26/2 to 2/3. Not only two amazing days at Olympia over the weekend but the Friday as well, as it is close to my big birthday I have been treated a nice surprise from a dear friend. I have the feeling this weekend will be so special.
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    Leathery and covered in cellulite? It's all down hill from here.
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    Don't make me turn this guest announcement around and drive it back home!
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    Is this the definition of a suicidal snowman? "How did you injure yourself again Sir?" "Well I was canoeing down a hill when......"
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    Paul Mcgann Another classic Who doctor added to the collection.
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    Jodie Whittaker Gal Gadot Karen Gillan Lynda Carter Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper Peter Capaldi Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner Brent Spiner & Marina Sirtis & Michael Dorn
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    Personally think it's more likely to be from snow Natalie. Get well soon to those with a cold (she says leaving the forum quickly as it's obviously highly contagious).
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    Daniel´╗┐ Radcliffe Rupert Grint Emma ´╗┐Watson
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