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  1. They went through a spell during the Covid Cons of issuing Vouchers for cancelled guests rather than just refunding the money, valid for 2 years at which point if they not used you could get your funds back, (some where unhappy with this). but from Raylenth's comment this may not be the case anymore, I hope this is so.
  2. If they are busy have a queue then will probably be till the end, but I have seen less busy guests go early
  3. Well I for one would like to know how it goes, because I was not happy with the Voucher scheme. It has stop me buying in advanced now, as I don't want loads of money tied up in vouchers for 2 years every time a guest cancels
  4. Might want to recheck that, I had a similar issue when i checked yesterday, but now its change no Shoots before 5.45.
  5. It just keeps getting more and more confusing doesn't it. I assume as the Winter event was only 2 Days they could just make the Entry valid, It will be interesting to what the solution is. I imagine there will be a lot wanting to Transfer as the Guests and Dates are the same as what they where planning for. So I guess you will have the option of paying the difference and Upgrading to the 3 Day if you brought a weekend Ticket or having individual Sat and Sun Tickets
  6. and then what, You can get your money back ?
  7. That is incorrect, as Raylenth has said it has been posted previously, if you had booked and can not make the new dates, then you could get refund Vouchers.
  8. I Think They may wait on that until the event as if the guests Cancel the Photo Tickets get refunded automatically, or if they rebook for next event the tickets will usually carry over, if you can not make that event, then you would then contact them
  9. Thanks for that, will have to look for that post.
  10. Seems like they are adding a Lot of British Guests to the event, my concern know is that it will go ahead sans the international guest. but due to the whole " The guest is unable to attend but the event is still on so no refund on entry" spiel, people will have to swallow the cost of the entry, or attend a show that they no longer have any interest in.... On the note of the New Website I hope they put the Direct Forum Button back.
  11. There are still a lot of things to consider, like guests wearing facemasks in Photo Shoot if that was the case then I would want a refund. plus the may still be a limit on how many people are allow to mix indoors, It may be a case of having a Covid test before you can attend. What the rules on International Travel are, and if the guest is still available as a lot of shows are shooting later due to everything.
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