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  1. Same. I got a new one For Micheal, but not for Iain. Had the same issue last year, I eneded up just showing the old tickets... It is a bad system they wat until almost the last minute to reissue, by which point everyone has left to set up the event and is unlikely to get it sorted.
  2. It does, they can sign 1 person five items or 5 Persons 1 item, you start to multiply that that lot a of people they can get through, I believe there may have been instances last con of DP holders not getting their 1 item signed, and this may be to help prevent that........ Also, People are assuming that they will even get to VQ tickets, have done many an event where they have only done the DP's.
  3. When you go in place him on the wood bench, then you will be able to collect from the oppisite bench as you leave :)
  4. No a DP is just supposed to Guarantee's you get A Autograph and A Photo
  5. An excellent question, I have 2 photo shoots and a Diamond Clark Gregg. For the rollovers from previous spring/summer they announced last minute, (pretty much just before they all disappeared off to setup the event) that they would reissue all tickets they did resend some but not all, and because they were out of the office I could not get my last one sorted, this caused issues at the shoots.
  6. They went through a spell during the Covid Cons of issuing Vouchers for cancelled guests rather than just refunding the money, valid for 2 years at which point if they not used you could get your funds back, (some where unhappy with this). but from Raylenth's comment this may not be the case anymore, I hope this is so.
  7. If they are busy have a queue then will probably be till the end, but I have seen less busy guests go early
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