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  1. scifisteve

    Dates for next year

    I got that it is cancelled I got that from benweblight post, put a you then posted which implies that there is post on the Winter Show Forum about it, I replied that site had already disappeared so I could access the forum.
  2. scifisteve

    Dates for next year

    The Site had disappeared could not find the forum. it just links to the spring event.
  3. scifisteve

    Dates for next year

    Thanks, was trying to find a post about it as the Bookmark I had was now linking to the Spring event. Maybe it is time to let the Winter Event go they haven't had it for a couple of years now, and it seem that it revival has not been successful.
  4. scifisteve

    Dates for next year

    Think it is Officially 24th to 26th of July according to the update picture on FB....What has happened to the Winter London Event ?
  5. scifisteve

    Great day at LFCC but...

    I believe it is worded as a Guarantee, and as for your VT point you do not know what number people had as they are removed from you as you enter the queue Diamond Pass Holders are a bit more obvious.
  6. scifisteve

    Great day at LFCC but...

    and I would not expect them to either, and as I understand the DP the same as you QS as a Guaranteed Signature would you not agree that a DP should maybe moved up in the queue, it is done at the Photoshoots.
  7. scifisteve

    Great day at LFCC but...

    I enjoyed the Event as normal, and I have Good point and Not so point and a Clarification point. Good: The Placement of Photo E and F into the side rooms allowing for free movement and freeing up much of the Blue Hall (I call the Halls Blue and Red because of the Balcony Rails ) Balcony as a sitting area. Not so Good: Showmasters maybe need to re consider who is going to be VT and then make sure that the VT Tickets are ready to be handed out. Both Manu ( delayed flight ) and Peter ( Filming over run I believe ) so they both lost that days Auto time, On returning on Saturday I went to both their Desks and this was about 9.20 No Queue yet and asked if they where VT, to be told no. I returned 20 minutes later after a photo shoot only to find both on VT's and the numbers up in the 200, surely common sense would dictate that any guest that is going to be there for less time than advertised is going to become peoples priority ( got Manu but not Peters by the way ) Clarification: This not a complete more of a Question/Suggestion I had Several DP's and did those guests Auto's First when I got to One guest their board was at Diamond Pass plus VT's 1-50 and there was a full queue of VT holders which I was allowed to join and I did get my Autographs, but do you not think that if a DP Holder for that guest should be given Priority, or allowed to move closer to the of the line. I know I would not objected if a DP was asked to go in front of me on a guest I was not a DP holder for.
  8. scifisteve

    Temperature/Air Con

    Did I not see somewhere that they are going to remodel Olympia ?
  9. Do not think going digital is required, just put the signs about 6ft up, barring Predator or Wookie Cosplayers that should be above most head heights ........ and correct me if I am wrong but last year, the photo shoot areas did have white boards, and were change with Guest and batch. Each booth also had a list of Guests and Times, but this was replaced this year with a full event schedule.
  10. scifisteve

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    Probably get done when they get back, they will also have to do the James Callis cancelled Sunday shoot as well
  11. scifisteve

    Peter Weller Auto Problem

    I was about 3 back in the queue for Peter on Saturday, the Person at the front had multiple items each with a Sticky note which seemed to have 3-4-5 lines of text that they wanted written on their items, maybe that's what prompted the incident. I am happy if they are just willing to make it out to me.
  12. scifisteve

    Saturday queue feedback

    I am confused, what held you up ? I had the 3 Day Band ( got mine on Friday) on Saturday I went through security then just walked to the 3 day Lane holding up banded wrist and walked through to join the main queue.
  13. scifisteve

    Lfcc 2018

    Posters said 27th to 29th July but not where, I assume it is at Olympia again ?
  14. scifisteve

    VT TICKETS, Fairness needed

    Seems like a couple of you are getting confused here, One lot are talking about people passing VQ that they used but have not had collected from them to "Friends" so they can Jump the line, Which is wrong and hopefully l not be an issue next time, as I am sure it going to be brought up by QS, and others are talking about giving their low numbered Unused VQ ticket to some else when they decide they are not going to meet or haven't got time to meet the guest, and more power to them. I had two instances over the weekend one for an autograph and the other for a Photo Shoot where the person I was behind let me go in front because they knew I had to be somewhere else, Luckily for me this weekend I only experienced Kindness from other Attendees and managed to avoid the "Animal Element"