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  1. That is incorrect, as Raylenth has said it has been posted previously, if you had booked and can not make the new dates, then you could get refund Vouchers.
  2. I Think They may wait on that until the event as if the guests Cancel the Photo Tickets get refunded automatically, or if they rebook for next event the tickets will usually carry over, if you can not make that event, then you would then contact them
  3. Thanks for that, will have to look for that post.
  4. Seems like they are adding a Lot of British Guests to the event, my concern know is that it will go ahead sans the international guest. but due to the whole " The guest is unable to attend but the event is still on so no refund on entry" spiel, people will have to swallow the cost of the entry, or attend a show that they no longer have any interest in.... On the note of the New Website I hope they put the Direct Forum Button back.
  5. There are still a lot of things to consider, like guests wearing facemasks in Photo Shoot if that was the case then I would want a refund. plus the may still be a limit on how many people are allow to mix indoors, It may be a case of having a Covid test before you can attend. What the rules on International Travel are, and if the guest is still available as a lot of shows are shooting later due to everything.
  6. I don't think you can reschedule it anyway as SM runs multiple events through out the year, they may be able to move guests to another event but as I see it if it can not go ahead it will be cancelled. and we can start planning for LFACC Summer 2021
  7. Yeah what he said, I have done this at the Hotel I stay at, if I get there before check in. £40 to store 2 case is disgusting that's 50% of cost of my room for the Friday night
  8. I got that it is cancelled I got that from benweblight post, put a you then posted which implies that there is post on the Winter Show Forum about it, I replied that site had already disappeared so I could access the forum.
  9. The Site had disappeared could not find the forum. it just links to the spring event.
  10. Thanks, was trying to find a post about it as the Bookmark I had was now linking to the Spring event. Maybe it is time to let the Winter Event go they haven't had it for a couple of years now, and it seem that it revival has not been successful.
  11. Think it is Officially 24th to 26th of July according to the update picture on FB....What has happened to the Winter London Event ?
  12. I believe it is worded as a Guarantee, and as for your VT point you do not know what number people had as they are removed from you as you enter the queue Diamond Pass Holders are a bit more obvious.
  13. and I would not expect them to either, and as I understand the DP the same as you QS as a Guaranteed Signature would you not agree that a DP should maybe moved up in the queue, it is done at the Photoshoots.
  14. I enjoyed the Event as normal, and I have Good point and Not so point and a Clarification point. Good: The Placement of Photo E and F into the side rooms allowing for free movement and freeing up much of the Blue Hall (I call the Halls Blue and Red because of the Balcony Rails ) Balcony as a sitting area. Not so Good: Showmasters maybe need to re consider who is going to be VT and then make sure that the VT Tickets are ready to be handed out. Both Manu ( delayed flight ) and Peter ( Filming over run I believe ) so they both lost that days Auto time, On returning on Saturday I went
  15. Did I not see somewhere that they are going to remodel Olympia ?
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