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  1. A pity that both are unable to attend. Hopefully Karen Allen is unavailable due to finishing up a certain movie that ends in "5" with a certain Mr Ford...
  2. Classy guy, slow signer but great experience,even though there was a name mixup on my Millenium boxset (it happens... same thing happened with the Duchovny music CD today but it doesn't bother me when it happens, actually makes the experience even more memorable when they try to fix it afterwards ). Big shout out to the Resurrection Films folks in the queue also and I hope that they get the backing for the work they are planning with Lance and others. Lance gratiously also signed the Millenium documentary cover - can't wait to watch it tonight!
  3. The Photo A delayed Sunday shoot for James Caan was brilliantly organised
  4. The blue shirt at her queue said she was ill this morning so I'm sure that she didn't feel well enough to attend at all today. Pity, but entirely understandable and I hope she is feeling better.
  5. I don't post here often but I just wanted to say I hope everyone is ready for another great weekend! Before the event, I'm in the process of working through the Taken movies and Goldeneye for Famke, Casino Royale for Mads, Bourne Legacy and MI5 for Jeremy, Blade Runner for Rutger (which of the five versions of the movie shall I pick though ), rewatching Lost season 1, and watching Streethawk for about the hundredth time Also reading some of Vic Armstrong's book and replaying some Fallout to get me in the mood for Ron. There's just not enough hours in the day though...
  6. I have been sitting on a Street Hawk annual for 31 YEARS, since I was knee high, hoping that I might one day get it signed! It's moved homes 5 times with me in the meantime, but I always kept it ready and waiting. Just in case. For me, Rex will be THE biggest guest at the show As a veteran of events and cons covering nearly twenty years, I'm not often squeeing with joy when I see a guest announced these days, but thumbs up for making a long held dream come true this year LFACC Hype cleared and counting!
  7. A legend. Can't wait to meet Vic. I am hoping to be able to get Vic to sign his book as well as an Indy photo (and probably more)
  8. Great guest announcement. Recently he was Fagin in Dickensian, but being a Brit SciFi fan, i'll be meeting him for the brill BBC show Invasion: Earth from way back in 1998 (Anton was the army officer plucked from the blitz by the aliens).
  9. Well for me, Julian has been in so many many excellent things and I am very excited by this announcement. But if I get the chance to go on the Sunday - I will see him for one thing more than anything else. A Sci Fi movie. But its not Star Wars! No, in fact in my humble honest opinion possibly the best British Sci Fi movie ever made (though no doubt others will disagree vehemently) Quatermass and the Pit from 1967 and Julian's major role as died in the wool Colonel Breen, bristling fantastically with Andrew Keir's Quatermass in all their scenes up until his crispy end. Ironically playing a character much older than his real age i would think, but then Hammer always knew how to make the most of young(ish) talent. Many younguns might not like its (comparatively) slow pace when compared to modern action movies, but the slow burning chill, and the setpieces gradually building up one wratchet at a time to the big ending, is what I still find genuinely unnerving. Watch each of the workmen leaving the ship after their terrifying (off-screen) experiences, or the police sergeant in the house sweating with nicely underplayed fear and tell me you don't feel those nerves going on edge... My 2pence worth. (Sorry for the long post)
  10. From the lists above, Mary Lynn and James Morrison were over in the UK a few years ago, but not seen anyone from 24 over here for ages, especially not since the show ended. Would love to see some 24 guests at a Showmasters event, highly recommend the ones I saw previously (Mary Lynn, James Morrison, Louis Lombardi, Kim Raver, Carlos Bernard et al), as they were all great guests and good fun. Mary Lynn has a young one to look after these days though so might not be able to come over. Elisha would be hard to get me thinks, but please please please try
  11. I was secretly hoping that a new movie would be announced at the talk but in my heart of hearts I know that we have to wait for the bean counters at Fox (who must surely be the Syndicate in disguise???) to come to the obvious conclusion. Maybe some of them will see all the publicity from the events Gillian is doing this year (here and in the US) and that will tip a few to the YES column. If that doesn't we keep trying and hoping! As Father Crissman said to Scully - DON'T GIVE UP!
  12. I wasn't in the early queue yesterday so have no personal input, but it seems like people are indicating that at least some of the queue issue was down to the venue staff. Must admit, I did see a few of them during Saturday standing around at exits etc looking rather bemused, so I wouldn't be surprised. Would love to see the same venue next year as the extra size definitely helped - no way could Earls Court have coped on Saturday. Though TFL did not help with the rubbish tube every 20 minutes! Photo distribution table hogging was a nightmare. Was not there today but seems like it was much better so big thumbs up to hear that Everyone obviously learn a lot from yesterday and put it into practice. The only thing to add to that, if it worked write it down, remember it, and don't change it if you go back there next year...
  13. Area B was the area for Mitch Pileggi and that photo shoot was absolutely fantastic and am happy to say so. Area D photo shoot for Nicholas Lea - the photo shoot itself went great from what I could see so no problems with the actual shoot at all. But the photo itself when it came out - wow, I have never in fifteen years of getting photos seen a worse one. Let's get this in perspective - I have had many many photos from SM and others and never had a significant issue before (apart from a bad hair day ) so for the 999 previous photos thanks very much. But something went waay wrong yesterday with the Nicholas Lea photo and others in that area and we can never have that moment back unfortunately. So clearly there is no other option now - get Nicholas back for next year...
  14. There has always been fewer people on Sunday than Saturday, but that is partly because the big big headline guests always seem to be Saturday only. Happy to hear it was hopefully easier for everyone who went today, my body could not take any more after yesterday lol...
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