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  1. He was very good in Invasion Earth - that takes me back!
  2. As stated in the other thread, they are both great guests and highly recommended. If you have not met them before, they are a do not miss! And they have so many wonderful stories, a repeat encounter would always be worth it.
  3. Vic and Wendy are both lovely guests and have endless great stories to tell. Highly recommend meeting them both. Last time I met them was when Vic was signing his reissued book (also highly recommended).
  4. It took you soooo long, but you found out ;)
  5. The photo shoot schedule is now up on the website, for anyone who needs it. https://londonfilmconvention.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/FFtimetableWEB.jpg
  6. Not to mention the very first episode of The Sweeney
  7. Please note Mr Croucher is attending on Friday per Eventbrite, and not Sunday as it says above. Love me some Travis
  8. Have been a fan since Call Me Mister a long time ago...! Spotted Mr Crowley in both of the BBC Mini Series on Talking Pictures tv last week! As a scientist in Breakout and a Russian in the excellent Grushko which was filmed in and around St Petersburg in the early 90s. Always enjoy seeing him on TV.
  9. It's great seeing Marc announced. Even more so as it's the 40th anniversary this year for the V mini series (How can it be 40 years?!) Really looking forward to hopefully meeting Marc ✌
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