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  1. Please note Mr Croucher is attending on Friday per Eventbrite, and not Sunday as it says above. Love me some Travis
  2. Katy Manning is appearing Saturday not Sunday, as per Eventbrite. Maureen O'Brian is Sunday as per today's announcement.
  3. Have been a fan since Call Me Mister a long time ago...! Spotted Mr Crowley in both of the BBC Mini Series on Talking Pictures tv last week! As a scientist in Breakout and a Russian in the excellent Grushko which was filmed in and around St Petersburg in the early 90s. Always enjoy seeing him on TV.
  4. It's great seeing Marc announced. Even more so as it's the 40th anniversary this year for the V mini series (How can it be 40 years?!) Really looking forward to hopefully meeting Marc ✌
  5. A pity that both are unable to attend. Hopefully Karen Allen is unavailable due to finishing up a certain movie that ends in "5" with a certain Mr Ford...
  6. Classy guy, slow signer but great experience,even though there was a name mixup on my Millenium boxset (it happens... same thing happened with the Duchovny music CD today but it doesn't bother me when it happens, actually makes the experience even more memorable when they try to fix it afterwards ). Big shout out to the Resurrection Films folks in the queue also and I hope that they get the backing for the work they are planning with Lance and others. Lance gratiously also signed the Millenium documentary cover - can't wait to watch it tonight!
  7. The Photo A delayed Sunday shoot for James Caan was brilliantly organised
  8. The blue shirt at her queue said she was ill this morning so I'm sure that she didn't feel well enough to attend at all today. Pity, but entirely understandable and I hope she is feeling better.
  9. I don't post here often but I just wanted to say I hope everyone is ready for another great weekend! Before the event, I'm in the process of working through the Taken movies and Goldeneye for Famke, Casino Royale for Mads, Bourne Legacy and MI5 for Jeremy, Blade Runner for Rutger (which of the five versions of the movie shall I pick though ), rewatching Lost season 1, and watching Streethawk for about the hundredth time Also reading some of Vic Armstrong's book and replaying some Fallout to get me in the mood for Ron. There's just not enough hours in the day though...
  10. I have been sitting on a Street Hawk annual for 31 YEARS, since I was knee high, hoping that I might one day get it signed! It's moved homes 5 times with me in the meantime, but I always kept it ready and waiting. Just in case. For me, Rex will be THE biggest guest at the show As a veteran of events and cons covering nearly twenty years, I'm not often squeeing with joy when I see a guest announced these days, but thumbs up for making a long held dream come true this year LFACC Hype cleared and counting!
  11. A legend. Can't wait to meet Vic. I am hoping to be able to get Vic to sign his book as well as an Indy photo (and probably more)
  12. Great guest announcement. Recently he was Fagin in Dickensian, but being a Brit SciFi fan, i'll be meeting him for the brill BBC show Invasion: Earth from way back in 1998 (Anton was the army officer plucked from the blitz by the aliens).
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