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    The closest I've ever been to Eurovision was the BBC's You Decide show a few years ago. I made the news: https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/entertainment/14306311.eurovision-2016-joe-and-jake-have-been-chosen-to-represent-the-uk-and-people-have-mixed-feelings/
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    The Great Eurovision War of 2019.
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    Really nice to have you with us. And thank you all for this Eurovision get together. It has been fun.
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    I'm glad you like this episode a lot more than I do. I can see why this episode is often highly regarded, but the problems I have with it stop it from being one of my favourites.
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    The Angels Take Manhattan - This is my favourite companion exit episodes although it is not without fault. The Weeping Angels are suitably creepy. But making The Statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel is silly. The support cast are surplus to requirements. However I love the story. River Song is an improvement in this episode. I presume her character is written the way it is so it fits with 1930's New York. The interaction between the leads is brilliant. Smith puts in an excellent performance. But the episode belongs to Gillan and Darvill. Their story is emotional. Moffat really plays on their relationship and works it into the story. The main reason I prefer this companion exit episode slightly above the others is their ending is permanent (I don't count Gillan's cameo for Smith's regeneration). And it is beautiful. Overall 9/10
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    The Angels Take Manhattan- This is an episode with severe fluctuations in quality. There are elements of it that I love, and others that I really don't like, Let's start with the negatives. The impact of the Weeping Angels is further lessened by another episode which fails to utilise them effectively. The series 5 two-parter introduced some interesting new elements to them, and the setting helped to keep the Angels creepy, but here nothing interesting is done with them, and they are over-used. Seeing them too often makes them less frightening, and they did nothing creepy in this story in my eyes. And making the statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel was a stupid idea, and it looks so silly. Alex Kingston returns as River Song, but her character hasn't recovered from the butchering she received in series 6. Alex Kingston is till great, and she has some nice moments, but overall the script lets her down once again. What's even more annoying is how this episode almost reinvents the character with a noir, almost spy like persona. There is no build up to this change in her personality, and the events of series 6 didn't really have any clear lasting differences, beyond a few lines which remind us of what happened. None of the supporting characters are particularly likable or memorable. As a final story for Amy and Rory, however, this story is magnificent. Their journey throughout this episode is suitably emotional, and Amy's final scene is heartbreaking. I wish we had more of Rory in that final scene though, as he basically just turns around and disappears. No emotional send off for him unfortunately. Matt Smith gives one of his best performances. This episode is also well shot and directed, and the set design is great. The writing is mixed. Moffat delivers on the emotions at the end, and there are some interesting ideas regarding paradoxes (although once you stop to think about them they are contradictory and don't make much sense), by the supporting characters are rubbish, and the Weeping Angels aren't effectively utilised. The pacing is great though, and I was never bored. Overall- 6/10.
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    Oh I can give you a tour around Amsterdam, no worries about that.
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    You guys managed to post over 10 pages about Eurovision..
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    Someone from The Big Bang Theory, please, since it just ended If not, Tom Holland Or any big names from Doctor Who
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    Yep this droid’s powering down night y’all
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    To think you gave up Benedict for Eurovision
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    Well screw you Europe!
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    We should host our own Euro Song contest with just us.
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    @VikingGrrrl voted and only her
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    Norway liked us a bit. Thanks Norway, 2 points!
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    Fingers crossed. I was thinking the same thing
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    For September.. Koo stark is a good shout, Lysette Anthony, Christopher Biggins, Susan George, Pam Ferris, Victoria Smurfit
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    Going with great in capitals and also saying great tv and movie guest I’m going to guess David McCallum who was in the great escape and also done tv shows :), but guessing and would love it to be Kiefer Sutherland, but also Anthony Hopkins would be insane!!
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    Announcement in pay day. Wooooootttt perfect timing in case they announce Ralph Macchiio :)
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    Maybe someone from Big Bang Theory. That would be nice.
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    The main cast from Big Bang Theory would be great. Going by the post though it seems like it is someone well known for both film and tv work which I think may rule them out.
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    But in the beginning, there was nothing and then there was a huge explosive called the big bang. But you're right, the second thing were t-shirts.
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    Cancellation Unfortunately due to unforeseen print handling @The_batflash123 will be unable to join us for London Comic Con Spring or London Film & Comic Con 2019 Tickets will be refunded in the next few days.
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    Naah, we are not as easily fooled as Norway
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