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    Patrick Wilson Vera Farmiga Imagine a double shoot!
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    John Goodman - The Big Lebowski, The Flintstones, The Emperor's New Groove, Monsters Inc, Roseanne
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    Did I mention how much I really, really loved meeting Jessica Henwick? Cos I really, really loved meeting Jessica Henwick! Also, John Barrowman, Daisy Ridley and Summer Glau would be awesome
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    She signed my autograph book separately and I added it afterwards in photoshop using the witchcraft and pixie dust setting...
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    This one has to be the best 1 though! http://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Iron-Fist-Group-Finn-Jones-Jessica-Henwick-Wai-Ching-Ho-Sacha-Dhawan-gallery/G0000_MOyTrcpQLM/I0000syF.JJGYUqo/C0000lH6DX49gzYE
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    The iron fist pics are awesome! Laughing out loud. Although someone shouldve done a conga shot!
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    Tobin Bell (please please please) Mads Mikkelsen (can we have him every year??) Robert Englund Jason Priestley Brad Dourif Sean Astin Costas Mandylor Hugh Dancy
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    Quoting my initial post here for context... I woke up this morning to the news that the digital downloads from LFCC were live (yay!). I went in and immediately went into Saturday to start poking around...when I happened to notice the number underneath Benedict's name. 2,009 photographs. In one day. I had obviously known that he was going to be 'top dog,' so to speak, but I don't think I had quite realized the extent to which that would be true... From a cursory glance at the other photo counts, John Cleese looks like he was the only one to even come close to taking that many photographs in a day. And when I added in Sunday's photo counts? That lovely, lovely man had his photograph taken with us 3,283 times. I've done a bit of addition, and I can't find a single other person whose counts were that insane, no matter if I counted for two days or even three! As you can see above, I originally said that 'I hope he knows how much we all appreciated him taking his ENTIRE weekend just to meet us all'... But somehow I suddenly feel like that sentence is utterly, wholly inadequate. And yes, I can just imagine the internet trolls saying, 'Oh, but I'm sure he got paid buckets and buckets to do that,' and yes, that's probably true. But I'm sorry - I really couldn't care less. I literally can't even imagine having my picture taken over three thousand times in two days. My brain just cannot picture it. And based on comments here, and others I've seen on Facebook and Twitter, it wasn't just that he had his picture taken 3,283 times...it was also that he really tried to make each and every one a genuine and unique interaction - one that felt like it was real, like he was genuinely happy to meet you. And none of this even counts the amount of autographs, and the interactions that occurred there at the table... I find myself completely humbled by his patience, generosity, and love for his fans - for us. Nothing else could possibly explain or describe those numbers - or those efforts. 'THANK YOU!' just doesn't seem to cover it anymore. I genuinely can't think of anything that does. <3
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    Yes to Mads Mikkelsen every year and I'd also like Jeremy Renner to come back as I missed him last year, plus Benedict Cumberbatch, he was so nice I want to meet him again.
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    I'm getting really excited for this now, not long to wait! Looking forward to see who they announce next! :)
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    Seriously!?! I can't believe I subscribed to your channel :-D You have a point with DC though; "Casino Royale" is my second fave- a belter of a Bond!
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    Yeah, heard it was pretty cool in 3D. James Cameron stated he would love to watch "2001" in 3D on the big screen (as would I!)
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    I do the same, although I found this year that even my own scans of the images come out much lighter than the digital versions available later on (unless you start doing some photoshop manipulation to get the right balance). My scanned version (even set to 300dpi): Digital version from SM:
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    Set to scan at a high resolution and they should be fine.
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    T2: Judgment Day I saw it in cinema yesterday in 3d, and it made it even cooler than it already was!
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    Them! (1954) It looks likeRidley Scott was influenced by this film based on the scene in "Alien" with Dallas in the air vents. The Los Angeles storm drain features heavily too (famous for the drag race in "Grease")
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    Cool I'll be keeping an eye on the pre order service !!!
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    Just got my ticket for the Saturday today! Looking forward to it and hopefully more guest announcements
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    That was exactly the reason. You guys always find it way too fast.
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    take some time out to look through the Iron Fist Group Shots, just fantastic
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    Fantastic photo! Can't wait to see him again at future events (hopefully!) Such a shame he's had very little to do this series of GoT. But all his scenes have been brilliant.
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    It is indeed confirmed, hpsims. Posters were up at LFCC 2017.
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    I missed out this year, because I had a big trip to the states. So if you would bring back Benedict I would be very happy. Mads would great as well... But my first wish ist Timothy Olyphant and if you have some more money to spare - pleeeeeease get back my love Jeremy Renner! That would be all. Thank you! :)
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    Dean Cain again Sarah Douglas Jeff East Jack O'Halloran Marc McClure Annette O'Toole Tom Welling Erica Durance Michael Rosenbaum Laura Vandervoort Matt Smith Katherine Tate John Haymes Newton Gerard Christopher Stacy Haiduk Terence Stamp Ilya Salkind
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    I think it would be great if SM could do a retro tv event. There are many shows from 70s to 90s which are sadly overlooked when guest announcements are made. Such as A Team, Charlies Angels, Knight Rider, Charmed, Buffy, Wonder Woman, Baywatch, TJ Hooker, Some Mothers Do 'Av Em, Fawlty Towers etc.