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  1. Melendy Britt - voice of She-Ra Sophia Myles John Barrowman
  2. Thank you very much. I had a MOTU shirt last year for when I met Dean Cain and wanted for repeat that when I met Tom Welling. A Clark Kent kinda thing
  3. Well this was a convention of highs and some lows for Me but the highs are far better. 1. The experience. Like last year I was happy with my photos and my experiences I got from getting autographs. I had a few diamond passes so that was handy in a sebse 2. The buzz - the place erupted when Tennant was announced. I was in Ray Parks photo queue trying to get a ticket! 3. The layout. Keeping it the same as years previous made it easier to know where photo shoots where. 4. The people - talking to people in queues was great and helped pass the time 5. Diamond pass pickups - quick as anything and just wished for a better lanyard. Who had trouble doing theirs? I helped a few out! lows 1. Lateness - ray park was over 30 mins late for his shoot on Friday, I had to get mine on Saturday as I had to run for tom baker to get his photo. He seemed to want to hang around which is great but when you get stressed you just want things done! This was also something that happened with Aly’s shoot on Sunday. I missed it as I was waiting for Matt smith to come back as I had a diamond pass for him and lucky was seen to when he came back. I got my signature but couldn’t purchase extra because of the lateness and someone in front of me wasn’t happy! 2. Shoots delayed - I had planned to get James Caan on the Sunday morning but had it moved to the afternoon. He didn’t seem to do a single morning shoot. 3. Clashes - who planned the doctors clashing with each other? Big fandoms like that should have a bit of time between each other. 4. Lack of queue organisation - the queue for tennants tardis shoot was abysmal. There was no communication and people where flustered and had no idea what was going on. Again with James Caan it was moved to the same time and I near missed it. 5. Queuing - to get in and the amount of snaking we needed to do was horrible. I feel last years queuing was far better than this years. I met all the doctors i could in one weekend and thank Showmasters for doing this. It was a fun weekend and nothing is perfect but have a look at what the attendees said and see how you can improve on something we all love and look forward to attending again!
  4. scroll to about 40 minutes and you’ll see them all.
  5. David Tennant was the guy I was so nervous about meeting. You never know how it’s going to go. I thanked him for coming and that he was the reason I started doctor who. He is my doctor. I told him what an honour it was to meet him and how much this interraction meant to me. I also told him that My father knew how much it would mean for me to meet him but he sadly never saw it as he passed away last year after a lung cancer battle. Mr Tennant was the number 1 name I had on my list to meet and I’m so so happy I got to meet him!! He was a true gent. Like last year all the guests were amazing but he stood out the most!!
  6. Thank you so so much!! I was trying to buy them queuing for Ray Park. After ages trying I finally got a Diamond Pass. This is MY DOCTOR and my number one guest! I’m so excited for this and thank you for making this - the con of the Doctor!!
  7. And as soon as I typed that my refund notification came through.
  8. Yeah I was batch one for Megan and no email or anything as yet. My ticket is still on the eventbrite app itself when I click tickets. Hopefully it comes in soon.
  9. Mum can I borrow your credit card...I’ll pay you back when Megan Fox’s money has come in. Parents have their uses ha ha. Seriously great guest to add to the DC ones and a very late but welcome substitute!!
  10. There’s a companion for the majority of the doctors, Karen Gillan or Alex Kingston then please to go with Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill
  11. Diamond pass bought! What a shocker this late in the game. Brilliant!! Oh and thank you Showmasters. Thanks so much
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