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  1. Agreed! As I'm toying between this event and another Hannibal based con. So any Bryan Fuller linked guests would sway me 100%! So... Hugh, Laurence Fishburne, Gillian Anderson, Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Kristen Chenoweth, Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Pablo Schreiber.
  2. Beyond gutted. Can't make this event and he was my main guest at LFCC til he cancelled. I'll just be ever here crying myself to sleep tonight
  3. Andrew has done other cons. I've met him at one. Super lovely guy
  4. My guesses/hopes are Crispin Glover, Gary Oldman or Christopher Eccleston
  5. Just bring back Pilou Asbaek to every con ever Any GoT cast members Gary Oldman Richard Armitage Hugh Dancy Matt Smith Tom Hiddleston Sarah Parish Peter Capaldi The list is kind of endless...
  6. Fantastic photo! Can't wait to see him again at future events (hopefully!) Such a shame he's had very little to do this series of GoT. But all his scenes have been brilliant.
  7. It would be amazing to get Crispin Glover over here. I never thought I'd meet Tom Wilson and MJF but I did! So hopefully, fingers crossed, perhaps one day...
  8. Yup. And he's willing. Obviously if his schedule/family permits! And hopefully by that point we'll have reeeeally gotten to grips with Euron!
  9. Haha I do not doubt it! I'm quite liking the idea of a "2 good hands" pose.......
  10. I'd love to do that but I'm rubbish at coming up with poses! Maybe I'd just get him to come up with something!
  11. I saw his tweet to you. Fingers crossed! Need that photo op!
  12. I regret not getting a photo with him. Only got his auto. But he was chatting away to me and he winked when he said goodbye and shook my hand. Safe to say I was very flustered! I was barely a few feet from his desk when I pulled up the eventbrite app and tried to book a photo op, but he'd sold out. An absolute delight and I was not expecting to come away from this event with a new crush. Damn!
  13. Yes yes yes! Agreed. Pilou needs to be brought back for any and all events! Would also love to see: Richard Armitage Hugh Dancy Gwendoline Christie Lee Pace Maisie Williams And I think I would die if SM managed to get Gary Oldman...
  14. I wish that vendor did MJF only frames rather than BTTF ones. I would prefer his name rather than the film on it.
  15. Not getting the MJF Delorean pic. Had spent all my money on the Diamond pass and the tickets sold out before I got paid again. Gutted! 😥 Though I can't complain too much as I got what most others couldn't. And have photographic proof I've met one of my biggest, if not the most pivotal, of my heroes.
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