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Hey guys, how are you?
Quick question, i bought a photo for sunday for him (Joe) thinking that is only appearing saturday and sunday but now is going to appear friday aswell.

Do you thing that is possible to change?? I didn't know, on facebook they told me that is only appearing saturday and sunday. It was a error afterall.

Bruno Nunes I can't find the photo for friday.
· Responder · 1 h
London Film & Comic Con
London Film & Comic Con Joe is only appearing on Saturday and Sunday.
· Responder · 1 h
Bruno Nunes
Bruno Nunes London Film & Comic Con Thanks, i will buy it :)
On the website says Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
· Responder · 1 h
Melanie Ballentyne
Melanie Ballentyne London Film & Comic Con luckily am there on Sunday for Jason... a stargate reunion perhaps?!

· Responder · 1 h

London Film & Comic Con
London Film & Comic Con Sorry for the error above. Joe is actually scheduled to appear all 3 days. Apologies for any confusion.
· Responder · 55 min


I already send a email asking if is possible. Because i have a flight sunday and is better for me friday.

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