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  1. I had an amazing day. Thank you showmasters. I struggle with too Many people but today has just the right balance. and I met joe Flanagan which was a massive bucket list moment for me
  2. Very excited by this news, never thought I would get to see him. Tickets being booked today
  3. I had photo s with Michael shanks, John barrowman and Ben browder. I felt embarrassed when I stumbled into Ben but he was a perfect gentleman. The two talk I attended where very good, my only issue w as with the stargate one after paying twenty pound I saw lots of people stood at the side watching for free but this was rectified later in the day. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the above guys and it's a day I'll remember for a long time
  4. Oh my word. What an absolutely amazing day. I was honestly almost in tears with happiness at certain times of the day. Such an amazing laid back areas free day. Thank you so much
  5. I've prebooked and I can't find the times anywhere. Hope they let me in and don't keep me hanging.
  6. Yep. I've booked parking and it says hall 5
  7. I was wondering this too. Especially as my first photo op is 9.30 I want to know where I'm going. Or an idea
  8. If I need to do Michael shanks and Ben browder in the morning because I have the barrowman talk in the afternoon how will that work with queues? Do I queue for Ben then run round and join Michael's queue?(Saturday) Also if I don't get in in time for Ben browder photo shoot what are the possibilities of jumping the photo queue in the afternoon then I don't miss my paid for barrowman talk?
  9. Wooooooow! Showmaster stop it your bankrupting me!!!
  10. Oh YOU beautiful people you. My bank hates you but I love you
  11. Do you think a diamond pass will be released as Michael has one?
  12. Oh my Lord, just fainted!! Michael shanks and John barrowman.
  13. Wow, fantastic guest. I've met before and she's amazing. Was trying to save money next year and cut back on cons.......but it's Amanda!!
  14. Jennifer Lawrence for the win ! Hot guest = the flaming dress Hits the target = her bow
  15. Not so much a guest suggestion, but I've just seen the Groot photo shoot at Belfast. Please please please can we have it here too? Pretty please
  16. Brilliant news. Give her a talk this time she has loads of stories
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