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  1. We did Friday and Sunday this year and it worked really well for us (original plan was all 3 but changed mind due to likely crowds - my mum would not have coped well). Friday was deffo the quietest of the 2 we were there, definitely relaxed day to get our main guest and spend a decent amount of time checking out the stalls. Sunday we barely visited them (except to pick up something from one stall I had just loved), but we had a more packed schedule.
  2. My mum is right by my side during the con (usually encouraging me to spend more money!)! I haven't shared on FB, but that is more due to laziness than anything else! I do have a couple of people at work who wanted stories and pics (one of which I was texting throughout the crazy back to back photoshoots on Sunday!) which was fun! Tbh the con life is slightly more mainstream than my other world (motorsports) so Con stories are usually more accepted!
  3. I made sure when I bought stuff to make note of batch numbers because of this. Pain in the rump not having it on there (on Android) though. Surely if one platform can have the info on then the other should do too.
  4. Clashes with a motor race event in London... so Friday only for us next year.
  5. They are my world, my reason for being.
  6. Arrived around quarter past 9 and in venue by half past. Smooth sailing through the entrance hall! Now sat with coffee and bacon!
  7. Thank you, was just able to have my panic and replan from the comfort of the hotel instead of stood at the DLR station!
  8. Day off from the con for us today... But we are still in a queue! Waiting for day tickets at a theatre!
  9. Didn't have any diamond guests (heck didn't have any vq guests, easy day was easy!) so doesn't effect us, but if that is a policy change that gold with vq trumps low vq then the golds wouldn't need their head start over GA for getting vq's I would think.
  10. Had some issues getting in to YALC (mid afternoon) as the security guard at the stairs wouldn't let us in as we didn't have a wristband or hand stamp. Clarified with a Red Shirt downstairs that we were allowed access and got the lift up - no problems then, but didn't enjoy the way he spoke to us. Otherwise a smooth sailing sort of day, got what we wanted for the day and had a good browse of the stalls downstairs.
  11. There is a pay on the day booth in the entrance hall this morning, I assume its for entry tickets. Would imagine that is a Friday only thing tho?
  12. Queue not as big as I expected for 9:30, highly resenting the 15 min overground wait at West brompton!
  13. at least that's fairly short. I had major kudos for the 'Allo 'Allo cast there last year signing all day in costume!
  14. As long as I remember to pick them up and put them in my bag I will have some Stormtrooper badges I got given at Pride that are looking for a loving home. 4 in total so if you see me about on Friday or Sunday and want one come say hi!
  15. This might sound like a really stupid question but... if the queue is outside the loading hall for GA will it be snaking the direction shown by the arrow on the map on page 1? (The reason I ask is one time we went round the "wrong way" as such and had to walk the length of the queue as well as half around the building). So like, turn right out the tube station and join queue?
  16. Quick Q... Will there be the often longed for "you are here" marks on the maps inside the venue? After a few hours inside the hall all start to look the same to me and I feel like I'm walking laps to get to a photo area or the signing area! (I also managed to lose the stairs out of YALC last year, but I think that might be a me thing not a lack of signage thing!)
  17. Joe Flannigan free talk on the Sunday, lovely jubbly! Zero clashes so far, liking this (in fairness all I have booked is 3 photos but I know my luck!)
  18. Update - solo shoot booked for Gareth David Lloyd. Amazingly for both of us (honestly didn't think mama would bother!).
  19. Currently toying with the idea of cosplaying modern day Crowley from Good Omens as I recently got my hair cut super short and dyed red! I'm like half way there with zero effort!
  20. So far... Fri: Joe Flannigan (Photo booked + Auto) John Leeson (Photo booked + Auto likely) Michael Shanks (Auto - more mum than me tbh) Robert Picardo (maybe) Sat: Day away from Con (there is no way my mum could cope with a LFCC Sat sadly) Sun: Gareth David-Lloyd (photo not booked yet, Auto unlikely) GDL + John Barrowman duo shoot (considering asking for this as BDay pressie, holding out in case someone truly stellar is added!) I'm trying to budget sensibly this year, I know I can pull Birthday out for something good on Sunday, but holding out as long as I can for those pesky last minute announcements. Being able to book last minute on eventbrite app is a real help with that.
  21. My friend being up by the teacher reading to her (y'know, just in case she had forgotten how to or whatever) and fainting - landed clean in the teachers marking box. Remember that clear as anything and we were 8 or 9 at the time. From secondary school I remember a stupid (really really REALLY stupid) song the teacher had us listen to and learn off some French learning tapes... went something along the lines of "Bonjour monsieur, bonjour mademe, bonjour mademoiselle..."
  23. Oh would you look at that we happen to be in London that day... Killer Queen
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