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  1. I had an amazing day. Thank you showmasters. I struggle with too Many people but today has just the right balance. and I met joe Flanagan which was a massive bucket list moment for me
  2. Very excited by this news, never thought I would get to see him. Tickets being booked today
  3. I had photo s with Michael shanks, John barrowman and Ben browder. I felt embarrassed when I stumbled into Ben but he was a perfect gentleman. The two talk I attended where very good, my only issue w as with the stargate one after paying twenty pound I saw lots of people stood at the side watching for free but this was rectified later in the day. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the above guys and it's a day I'll remember for a long time
  4. Oh my word. What an absolutely amazing day. I was honestly almost in tears with happiness at certain times of the day. Such an amazing laid back areas free day. Thank you so much
  5. I've prebooked and I can't find the times anywhere. Hope they let me in and don't keep me hanging.
  6. Yep. I've booked parking and it says hall 5
  7. I was wondering this too. Especially as my first photo op is 9.30 I want to know where I'm going. Or an idea
  8. If I need to do Michael shanks and Ben browder in the morning because I have the barrowman talk in the afternoon how will that work with queues? Do I queue for Ben then run round and join Michael's queue?(Saturday) Also if I don't get in in time for Ben browder photo shoot what are the possibilities of jumping the photo queue in the afternoon then I don't miss my paid for barrowman talk?
  9. Wooooooow! Showmaster stop it your bankrupting me!!!
  10. Oh YOU beautiful people you. My bank hates you but I love you
  11. Do you think a diamond pass will be released as Michael has one?
  12. Oh my Lord, just fainted!! Michael shanks and John barrowman.
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